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  1. Hello Everybody A big thank for your encouragement. I hope the final mosaic will also be beautiful. But in astro nothing is ever won in advance :? Have a good week-end Sébastien Kersten http://www.astropixel.org
  2. Hello Paul For this picture I work at -20°c with assistance of water. Normally I work at -25°c in rapport of the anbiant air (for this picture the air temp was about 13°c). With addition of cooling with water I win -5°c. About the ratio signal/noise I find it very well with single exposure time of 20min. Clear sky Sébastien Kersten http://www.astropixel.org
  3. Hello Everybody Thanks you for your comment. I was very surprised by the noise/signal ratio obtained in 4hr on this region. It is so deept that it is a pleasure to photograph it. The KAi11002M gives me a lot of satisfaction. It's very pleasant to work 24 * 36. For the little story, this picture is a little element of a bigger project mosaic But actually I miss time to finish it. Just a little patience for the final picture (I hope it in the end of november). Clear sky Sébastien Kersten http://www.astropixel.org
  4. Hello Everybody During the month of August, I finally had time to make an image of North America and the Pelican Nebula. The object is large, I made a mosaic of 2 images with the FSQ106 and stl11k. For each image, I used a filtre h-alpha and a exposure time of 4 hours. The H-alpha filter works miracles in light pollution. You can see the image in various sizes: 1024 : http://www.astropixel.org/images/ngc7000_2008-08-23_1024.jpg 1920 : http://www.astropixel.org/images/ngc7000_2008-08-23_1900.jpg full frame (very big but very beautifull, I like this): http://www.astropixel.org/images/ngc
  5. Hello Thanks for your interest to this picture. The shoot was take the 28 and 30 juni 2008. I think that use a big time in the exposure of a single shot is better for the density of the nebula. But of course it's necessary to have good condition to make it (no plane, no temperature variation, good tracking, ...). I thinks to make it in color, but the next year, because this object is low now, and the mounth of july and augustus was not terrible (and, finally, I'm busy to work on a new panel ) Clear sky Sébastien Kersten http://www.astropixel.org
  6. Thanks for your comment. It's not a single exposure, in fact it's a addition of 4 x 20 min and 5 x 40 min exposure. Clear sky Sébastien Kersten http://www.astropixel.org
  7. Hello Everybody In the end of juni, I enjoyed a weekend in the Vosges to make a picture of the couple m16 - m17. The image is made at 1000m above, in a beautifull spot : "The champ du feux". I used the fsq106 and stl11k and make a exposure time of 4h40. You can see the picture in this link in : 1024*765 : http://www.astropixel.org/images/m16_2008-06-28_1024.jpg 1900*1200 : http://www.astropixel.org/images/m16_2008-06-28_1900.jpg and the full : http://www.astropixel.org/images/m16_2008-06-28_4000.jpg Have a nice day and perhaps a clear sky (here in belgium I'm forget it) Sébastien Kersten htt
  8. Hello Everybody So promise, here is a picture of the site where the image is take. This picture was made the 6 may, at the same moment of m81-m82 See : http://www.astropixel.org/images/edf155-chimay_2008-05-06_1900.jpg for pcture in 1900*1200 or http://www.astropixel.org/images/edf155-chimay_2008-05-06_1024.jpg for picture in 1024*765 Clear sky Sébastien Kersten http://www.astropixel.org
  9. Hello Normally I make my picture from Brussels under light pollution. But, from one year ago I make a another choice : I make the picture in h-alpha from Brussels, BUT, the RGB in Chimay. Why : because the gradiant is more difficult to remove with lhe large chips of the ccd. In Chimay the skies is better that Brussels. It's not perfect, but better. The problem is the distance from my house (120KM far and 120km ago). For this picture, I make the choice to go to Chimay, because it's only a lrgb picture, without h-alpha. I'have some picture of the site of Chimay. I post it tomorrow, so you can se
  10. Hello Everybody I'm happy that you like this picture. I was very pleased to realise this image. Thank you for your encouragement Clear Sky Sébastien Kersten http://www.astropixel.org
  11. Hello Here is my first picture of deepsky with the edf155. For this shoot, I choice the couple of m81-m82. I use the stl11k with astrodon filter. The exposure time is 3hr for the luminance and 40 min for each color channel. The picture is directely visible on my web site. I recommand the full size image ;-) http://www.astropixel.org Clear sky Sébastien Kersten
  12. Hello everyone Considering the current weather, I take this opportunity to bring order to my hard drive. I found 2 images of the sun in h-alpha, made with the fsq106 and pst modified. The diameter of the final instrument is 10cm. 2 These photos were made the first and two May 2007. But as I find them nice, I will publish them again now You can found this 2 pictures on my website, at this adress : http://www.astropixel.org/astropixel_soleil.htm Clear Sky Sébastien Kersten http://www.astropixel.org
  13. Hello Everybody I'm really happy that you like this image . I took a lot of fun to make it. Clear Sky Sébastien Kersten http://www.astropixel.org
  14. Hello Everybody Thanks you for your comment Yes the dark skies make a bif difference between the result, and it's more visible in lrgb picture. Clear Skies Sébastien Kersten http://www.astropixel.org
  15. Thanks for the encouragement Steppenwolf : Oh yes, In the second part of the night, the imagiring of this area is possible. Ron : How no, generally, the sky in Belgium is too clear, with a lot of light pollution. Look my spot in Brussels : http://astropixel.org/images/fsq106-bxl_2005-11-18_1024.jpg and in proximity of Brussels : http://astropixel.org/images/gaasbeek_2006-04-01-1024.jpg Usually I work in these spot for h-alpha picture. But, wen the moon is new, I go at 150km of Brussels, near Chimay. There are some site where the skies is good. For this picture, I think it's necessary to go to
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