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  1. Can anyone tell me how to load a specific firmware version to a nexstar + handset please? Not to worry I have realised that I have the wrong handset.
  2. Hi Ben. I have managed to get a handset and I have updated it but there doesn't seem to be the option for the custom slew rates. Can you please let me know the firmware version of your handset? When I used your one it identified the mount as avx but this is reporting nexstar. I think I may have loaded the alt az firmware instead of eq. Thanks
  3. Hi Ben I have adjusted the Dec speed as you suggested and it appears to have worked. Many thanks for your help I will return your handset either tomorrow or Friday. Thanks again Arthur
  4. Hi all I have just tried the mount using the handset that Ben kindly sent me and the declination axis rotates at high speed and doesn't respond to controls. However if any other speed is set fron 1 to 8 it operates normally. It's only on the fast slew goto speed that it keeps running. Any ideas os shall I post as a different issue?
  5. OK related to this, if I used a skyportal WiFi adapter and the accompanying app could this replace the handset or does it still need one?
  6. Hi. I was recently given a celestron avx mount without a handset. I have no idea if the mount works and I don't wNt to waste money on a handset if it doesn't. Is there a way to test the mount using a pc to control it? I have looked at nexremote but this doesn't seem to work with a modern laptop. Could anyone recommend a way to do this?
  7. Hi all I have been trying to simulate lunar shadows using elevation data but all I get is the terminator in black. How do you add contour lines and elevation data and also where do you find the files? I am using windows 8.1 A group of us are hoping to image the Lunar X next week but we are stuck. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the replies guys. I like the look of your mount Peter, do you have problems with dew when using it?
  9. I have a pair of 15x70 binoculars but due to neck problems I am struggling to use them even when tripod mounted. I am thinking of making a mirror mount but I don't know if they are any good? Can someone please advise me on which mirror I need, size and thickness, fixing method etc.? Do they suffer from dew problems in the UK and if so is there an effective way around this? If anyone could advise me on this it will be very much appreciated. Thanks
  10. Ok thanks, I will try adjustments in processing. I wasn't sure if a better IR filter would improve things.
  11. Thanks for your help guys, It was indeed a bayer issue and after following your advice it is now ok.
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