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  1. Duke2k

    Lunar Terminator Visualisation tool

    Hi all I have been trying to simulate lunar shadows using elevation data but all I get is the terminator in black. How do you add contour lines and elevation data and also where do you find the files? I am using windows 8.1 A group of us are hoping to image the Lunar X next week but we are stuck. Thanks
  2. Duke2k

    Mirror mount

    Thanks for the replies guys. I like the look of your mount Peter, do you have problems with dew when using it?
  3. Duke2k

    Mirror mount

    I have a pair of 15x70 binoculars but due to neck problems I am struggling to use them even when tripod mounted. I am thinking of making a mirror mount but I don't know if they are any good? Can someone please advise me on which mirror I need, size and thickness, fixing method etc.? Do they suffer from dew problems in the UK and if so is there an effective way around this? If anyone could advise me on this it will be very much appreciated. Thanks
  4. Duke2k

    ASI 224mc colours muted

    Ok thanks, I will try adjustments in processing. I wasn't sure if a better IR filter would improve things.
  5. Duke2k

    grid pattern on image

    Thanks for your help guys, It was indeed a bayer issue and after following your advice it is now ok.
  6. Hi all, I have an ASI 224mc and I cant seem to get very much colour from it. I am using a ZWO IR cut filter on it and although there is colour and Jupiters red spot appears red, the belts and zones seem to be lacking. I have added an image of Jupiter as an example. Can anyone suggest anything please? 2016-06-15-2108_6-L-2_pippreg.tif
  7. Duke2k

    grid pattern on image

    Ok I have just done that so now there are only the fits files, but its still the same issue. I notice it mentions 16bit fits images but I'm not sure if mine were 16 or 8 bit or are they all 16? I will try again later if the sky remains clear and go from there. Thanks for your help.
  8. Duke2k

    grid pattern on image

    Thanks I have just tried that and they are still listed as grey files. screengrabs added.
  9. Duke2k

    grid pattern on image

    Thanks Guys that's a great help. The eskimo frames were saved as fits files but I cant find how to debayer them in DSS. Under the RAW/FITS DDP settings I have ticked the top box and chosen generic RGGB and bilinear but it still processes them as grey and not colour. Is there a better way to do this? What file type is the best is it RAW? Is DSS the best free stacking program for deep sky images? Thanks
  10. Hi all I'm relatively new to imaging and I am using a ZWO ASI224mc with a cpc 9.25. I have had a lot of good images of planets using Firecapture, AS2, Registax6. The other day I attempted to image the eskimo nebula using 4 second exposures as my scope is alt az mounted and I don't have a wedge. However there appears to be a grid pattern on my image that isn't related to the pixels. I only took 15 frames and no darks or flats so do I simply need more images with the darks and flats to remove this? A friend of mine also has the same camera and is using it on a ODK16 and he is getting the same pattern on a single frame from a sequence. This pattern doesn't appear on the laptop screen during capture. I have attached the stacked image of the eskimo and a moon image from his setup. Any help on what this is why it is happening and how to prevent it would be great. The final image is a stack of 500 lights and 170 darks but the pattern is worse. Thanks
  11. Duke2k

    Baader solar film pin holes!! How???

    I have the same problem with the solar filter material. I put mine away in perfect condition stored in a box with nothing touching the surface and the next time I used it around 6 months later pinholes have developed. This is the second year in a row that this has happened and I don't know what to do apart from paint over the holes or replace it again. I have tried Baader customer service in the past and they simply ignore emails.
  12. Duke2k

    Frustrated - Advice Pls

    The wavelet sliders bring out the fine detail in the stacked image. The top slider enhances the smallest detail and this progresses down so that the bottom slider enhances larger details. The only thing to watch for is an increase in noise especially when using the top sliders. At the right of each slider are 2 adjustment boxes which can reduce noise and or sharpen details. Give it a try and keep experimenting, also go back a day later and try again with fresh eyes.
  13. Duke2k

    Lunar 19/4/16

    Nice image. I had a go last night but the seeing here was awful an nothing was sharp.
  14. Duke2k

    Observing the Hadley Rille

    I believe that Hadley Rille is only 1400 metres wide so that's a good reference for the small surrounding details. It can also be tricky as its often lost in the shadow of the mountains.
  15. I have finally managed to make the vanes for my 6 inch newt out of stainless steel food serving rings. They are thin and very rigid and come in various diameters so do the job well.

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