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  1. Well it arrived and low and behold after the snow we had a clear BUT COLD evening. Just had to give it a trial run. Jupiter was calling me i told the wife, who thinks I'm absolutely crazy for going out in minus something or other. Setup the scope and let it stand for an hour. Got wrapped up like i was going to the North Pole, it was just after 9pm. The metal tube was already showing frost on it. Check collimation with laser, a little off, so a minor tweek here and there and i was happy enough. I thought i'd do a star test latter........ (Never did though) I have just upgraded the firmware on t
  2. Welcome, my experience is, you have come to the right place for excellent advice
  3. Hello 8kids, I love them for the price. I have the 17mm, 13.4mm,9.4mm, 7.2mm. I opted for the Nirvana at 4mm though. And plan on getting the 8.5 to 12 zoom. They sold me on the whole wide angled view. In my 10 inch Orion (fast scope at 4.7) the view is astounding. Great eye relief, light enough to not cause me any issues with balance. BUT.. They are so good for 85% of the view, the last 15% starts to get not so good. And i find myself thinking if that last bit was as good as the rest and i start checking collimation again and again just to be sure. Or is it that i don't have a paracor as thes
  4. Thank you i will. Got to say, you get so much genuine support and encouragement from people on this forum, its a pleasure to be a part of it.
  5. Hi all, Just purchased a second hand Televue 8mm plossl of ebay. £61 including p&p. Just had to try one to see if the praise for Televue is all its cracked up to be. I know its only 50 degrees, but with Jupiter in such a great position i can test it against my BST, Xcel, TMB and even my 82 degree Speers Wallers. Just want to compare it.
  6. Welcome to SGL. Great people here who have helped me so many times.
  7. Thank you Astromart i definately will
  8. Hi all, My name is Lionel, having had a 6inch reflector at School (many many years ago) now my family have grown up and flown the nest, now its my time, lol First of all a big thank you to all the contributers, i have been reading posts for months, learning what i should get and just as important what not to get. I am now the proud owner of an Orion XT10G dobsonian and absolutely loving it. So thanks to one and all
  9. Thank you Valleyman and Tomlines for posting this information. I could not decide between the SW 250 goto and the Orion 10g, i think actual users issues will steer me towards the Orion.
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