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  1. Stumbled across this while stuck home recovering from flu. http://ntwestcornwall.co.uk/ http://landsendastronomers.weebly.com/index.html may be of interest to some of you ;-)
  2. I used cable ties to secure mine, that way i can easily move it if i want and no sticky residue to worry about. Jo
  3. Telrad, stellarium and turn left at orion, all have been like a life line to me Jo
  4. Thanks Richard, I am indeed female and would love to join a SW group. At present don't know any other stargazers in this area, would be great to meet up with others close to home. Jo
  5. I too am in penzance, and very new to this hobby. As of yet have not managed to venture out of my garden. Too afraid to venture out in the car in case i put collimation out . Be good to hook up with people from this area Jo
  6. Very sad news, condolences to his family and friends. Rest in peace Kev 102 42
  7. How lovely for you, glad your life has taken a turn for the better. I wish you many years of luck and happiness. Nice to hear a happy tale Jo :-)
  8. Still very new to this myself, but after a couple of nights "nudging my dob", now find it really easy. Bought a telrad finder too, which has made it so so much easier to locate targets. Jo
  9. I agree Luke, i am still very new to this but my first purchase for my skliner 150 dob was a tal x2 barlow, which gave me 4 ep's instead of 2. Obviously in the future i will upgrade these, but for now, this combination is more than adequate for me. Next i bought a telrad finder, which i have to say, was money well spent. I was rubbish at finding anything with the original finder, but with the telrad can find what i want fairly easily. Lots more things i'd like, but i will learn to walk before trying to run. Jo
  10. Thanks for the link Richard, I am in Pz and was really hoping to find somewhere a bit closer to home, but no such luck. Guess i'll have to venture a bit further than i had planned to Thanks again Jo
  11. Ah so that's why its cloudy here tonight
  12. Thanks, Just ordered. Great deal Jo
  13. Hi and welcome, i wondered who had let all the clouds out of the box in west cornwall. I recently bought the very same scope and am loving it, when cornish weather allows. Jo
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