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  1. Hi and welcome, I’ve just returned to this after a nearly 8 year break so am still at very beginner stage. My 2 most helpful initial buys were a telrad finder and the book “turn left at Orion” then I replaced my stock eps. The most useful thing I did was join this forum, the people here are so helpful and give the best advice when you’re unsure what to buy/look at or do next. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/ These guys are just the best to buy stuff from if you ever find money burning a hole in your pocket. Good luck x
  2. Thanks everyone for your help, pay day is only a week away now x
  3. Hi all, My neighbours 9 year old son is Fascinated by space and especially the moon. She would like to buy him a telescope, but doesn’t want to spend a lot in case it’s a hobby that fizzles out. I am not nearly experienced enough to give her any advice so thought I’d ask here. He has poor vision in one eye so she thinks a telescope would be better than binoculars. Thanks Jo x
  4. Yes my scope is indeed the skywatcher, thanks for your help I am clueless
  5. Oh no now I’ll need suggestions for an eyepiece, to complement a filter I haven’t decided on ...let alone bought. And I now need to pay for them with money I haven’t earned yet.
  6. Not sure yet, probably have to spend more money on that too I guess
  7. Similar story to me, I too am in Penzance and joined here in 2012. I have been away for nearly 8 years and my scope has been gathering dust in the back of the shed. This week I finally dusted her down, got out my star books and have been clumsily trying to look at anything and everything. I can’t believe I left it so long, feels great to be back Jo x
  8. Thank you everyone, I appreciate your help. Ultimately I think I need both hurry up payday Jo x
  9. Hi all, I have trawled the forum for tips on choosing a filter to observe nebulas, I really am very undecided. I have a 150p dob and am still very amateur at the moment, I have returned after an 8 year absence so am almost back to square one again. My husband will tell me to buy the cheapest or not bother but I want is best for my needs and my scopes capabilities. I am very keen to start my stargazing adventures once more, and spend money I can’t afford on accessories. You guys here are definitely the best in helping me decide how I spend my money x
  10. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome back. the skies look clear tonight in cornwall, so Dobby will go to the ball again tonight x
  11. Hi all, tonight I finally unearthed my skywatcher dobsonian from the depths of the shed where she has been since 2012 (bad dobby mummy) and was so lucky to get a glimpse of Saturn before the cloud set in. why the hell did I stop stargazing for the last 8 years. Can’t wait to start spending money on more accessories again fingers crossed for clear evenings in the near future. So pleased this forum is still going strong x
  12. Stumbled across this while stuck home recovering from flu. http://ntwestcornwall.co.uk/ http://landsendastronomers.weebly.com/index.html may be of interest to some of you ;-)
  13. I used cable ties to secure mine, that way i can easily move it if i want and no sticky residue to worry about. Jo
  14. Telrad, stellarium and turn left at orion, all have been like a life line to me Jo
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