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  1. Thanks Alan, the manual which I have seen, seems to avoid the save/load subject unless I missed it. I will give it a try but "if" I was to obtain a second camera and HC my theory should work but the only benefit would be to avoid me moving the camera then assuming all the other mount data is setup the same in both controllers?
  2. Just to be clear, I am using the same mount but 2 different OTAs and am trying to avoid changing the camera over each time I change OTA on the mount. So if I had the luxury of 2 starsense units thought I could use one set (camera and SS-HC) for each OTA which would save me recalibration (camera centering) effort each time.
  3. I have a CGEM mount and two scope setups. One equinox and guide scope for imaging and a C9.25 with OAG as a second setup which I interchange depending on what I am doing. I use the CGEM mount on a fixed pier in the garden so PA once set is not an issue apart from an occasional check. I have a starsense on the equinox at the moment which works well for alignment. If I swapped this hardware to the C9.25 OTA then obviously the camera calibration would have to be redone etc. Question, if I had a second starsense camera attached to the C9.25 OTA permanently, and I used it with a second hand co
  4. Also, even with the latest firmware, the ASPA feature does not yet work properly, the engineers are still working on that so it will be off if you use that feature. (Source - Team Celestron forum - Derek firmware engineer). You may need to do a full reset on the SSA to get rid of old settings, especially alignment error data. If you go to the Team Celestron Forum, there are instructions there on how to do that (as well as a host of other tips and useful tips that help you find out what's going on).
  5. Just had email back from Wayne at Starlight, and the spacer should be fitted/sandwiched between the focuser base and the scope rear panel. I suggested he should include it in the instructions to avoid confusion. Sent from my iPad
  6. I can only assume the spacer is to extend the focuser out from the scope a bit further as the 3 holes line up with the mounting holes, but odd that it is not mentioned when it comes into play. Sent from my iPad
  7. Yes I did read the cd, there is no washer, there is a large metal spacer (is called a spacer in the parts list) but is not mentioned in the instructions so was just curious. Sent from my iPad
  8. Quick one, just fitted the above (CPC925 version) to my OTA to replace the stock Celestron focuser. Can anyone tell me what the provided spacer ring is for as there is no mention of it in the instructions. I assume it is not used but just checking. Thanks.
  9. Thanks Merlin, you may be right ! I have RTFM a number of times now but I am still unsure what settings to select for the 2nd camera/guide camera. I am used to PHD where the setup screen uses 'on camera' as the guide function. What is the AA5 equivalent, is it 2nd camera relays or something else?
  10. If I select camera 1 relays, it comes back with relays not found, this is in scope setup. Under guide setup, in Lodestar window, do you select 'primary device' or not, and what autoguide mode should I use - interlaced or autoguide ? Seems like I will go back to PHD at this rate !
  11. Under telescope control window, top setting is ASCOM (for the scope) bottom setting says 'guide', what should this be. Currently set to Lodestar relays.
  12. If I go to guide it gets to step 3 and says it cannot move scope. I see the red led at the back of the Lodestar flashing during this period. It seems the ST4 connection is the issue (it works physically in PHD so it must be a setup issue in AA5)
  13. So I get to focus and it does indeed download a frame. Now what ?
  14. Let me go check. I decided to go to the SX site and reload the SX drivers, and now I can calibrate (albeit on a white image) so it looks like for some reason AA5 couldn't talk to the camera, but PHD could, go figure that out. Ok let me slowly follow your steps to be sure.
  15. When I disconnect the Atik to make sure I am not getting the 2 confused), I can see an image from the Lodestar if I take a sample, but I cannot seem to communicate with the guide port.
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