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  1. Much prefer the negative image. You should try sketching with white pastel on black paper. I like doing that for Moon drawings and what-not.
  2. Took these afocally a few weeks ago and forgot to post them
  3. I use a Derwent white pastel pencil. If you're stuck you could use a piece of chalk or a stick of white pastel.
  4. Took me years to learn to play the piano with my feet while drawing. Ah the wonders of YouTube 'audio swap'
  5. If anyone is interested in how I draw with white pastel on black paper, here's a quick doodle of a Moon crater:
  6. For anyone interested in how I produced the above image, here's a similar one:
  7. I do try to sell my stuff (landscapes, cartoons, etc.). Not having much luck at it, but I'm trying.
  8. I'm afraid it wasn't drawn at the eyepiece. My lowly 130P won't let me get that close to the Moon. I wish it did! It was drawn from a photo I found on Google Images. As for technique: I used a white pastel pencil to lightly rub some white onto the paper. From there I used a bit of kitchen roll to blend the white into the paper to give me a pale grey on black paper. I used the same white pastel pencil to draw in the white highlights and a kneadable eraser to erase back to the black paper for the shadows. That's about it really. Thanks for all the nice comments!
  9. Normally I make the paper dark grey using pencil/charcoal then apply blacks and erase to get white. Here I have to apply white and erase to get black! Agh, my brain!
  10. Yeah, it is a bit. I have the camera with t-piece bit where the eyepiece should be then have to slide the extended part of the 130P in/out to get focused. Trying to get a good focus is a bit hit and miss as everything looks nicely focused on a small digital screen on the DSLR I'll have to try running off a ton of pics (easy enough with the DSLR settings and the wireless shutter widget I bought) then stick them through Registax. Although I've no idea how to properly use it. And I want to try and get in close and run off a ton of pics to make a mosaic. But I'm jumping ahead of myself there..
  11. Still getting to grips with getting my DSLR and telescope talking to one another. For these full moon photos I'm pointing the DSLR (with no lens) into where the eyepiece would go on the telescope. Hence, no magnification and making focusing a tad tricky. I have the DSLR RAW files so can tinker with the brightness etc. Never the less...
  12. I usually use coloured paper with a charcoal pencil (for black to grey) and a white pastel pencil (for white to grey) with either my finger or a piece of kitchen roll for blending. One of my sketches, with a link to the video of me drawing it, is here: http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/150950-the-moon-charcoal-and-white-pastel/
  13. If anyone wants to try All About Space go to: https://imagine.subscribeonline.co.uk/entertainment/all-about-space and enter the code: CARLAUNCH and you'll get your first three issues for £1 each and you can cancel before the third/fourth No I don't make anything from it. Just thought I'd pass the info along.
  14. Yep gPhoto seems to be about your only option. The Canon software is marked as 'garbage' in the Wine db, so while it will install, it won't run to a standard that's remotely usable. Having said that though, no one seems to have tried the Canon software with the latest 1.5.x release of Wine so you never know...
  15. What is it you need the software to accomplish? I'm not familiar with what the EOS Solutions disc is.
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