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  1. Marki

    another newbie

    Hi and welcome! I love this hobby and the folks here are most helpful! I'm sure you'll get loads of advice from the more knowledgable veterans here. All I'll say is I've found that astronomy can become a serious money pit, especially if you're ever going to get into imaging (that way financial madness lies... .). Just don't show your bank statements to your significant other!
  2. Clear for me (maybe some high haze), but pretty nippy! Had a nice view of Jupiter earlier :-). Might try again later once Mars is higher in the sky (assuming the clouds stay off!).
  3. Understand that, Tyr. Mrs Marki is pretty miffed with the lounge here taken up by the new TAL on its EQ5. Really dominates a small room! Still, she can see under the tube to the tv... . The NexStar lives in its various boxes up in the spare room - I guess the TAL will have to migrate up there too . Hoping for some clear skies at a reasonable time tonight...then maybe Mrs Marki gets her lounge back and I can give the TAL its first outing :-).
  4. Glad you got the 'scope :-). Hope it comes soon! And the snow (And more importantly, sky!) clears! Look forward to hearing your first light report... . Am patiently waiting for the TAL100RS myself - ordered via green-witch in Birstall - should be in for the weekend, touch wood!
  5. So many books, so little shelf space left! Ordered a few from the suggestions above - looking forward to Universe in particular.
  6. <LOL been there done that show her the moon and Jupiter and she might change her mind and all will be forgiven!> Hehe - worked for me! Hope you have clear skies tonight... .
  7. Similar for me in Sheffield. Struggled with Jupiter last night, and had virtually no luck with Saturn this morning. Maybe should have left the 'scope to cool down some more, but I think the freezing air was pretty "murky" for me - with a suggestion of a high haze at 5.30am.
  8. Many thanks for that info, Peter! <Rushes off to price up the EQ6> Apologies to navydave for hijacking his thread!
  9. Hi navydave Got the 8 SE as my first scope a few days ago. Liking it so far . Interested to see BlueAstra say you can fit the OTA to an EQ type mount? Does the EQ 6 have a dovetail slot or would I need to get some other means of fixing the tube to the mount? Snowing here in Sheffield, so guess the scope will have to stay inside tonight!
  10. Hi all Thanks Chez/Malc - may well take you up on that offer! Hoping to pursuade Mrs Marki to accompany me to the astro meet on the 18th, so may meet some of you there :-). Like Chez, Mrs Marki seems to prefer bins for her observing - any recommendations for upgrading from a cheap 10x42 pair? Otherwise our domestic harmony is going to take a hit on telescope-hogging time . Clear skies all (and any advice on avoiding frostbite welcomed!) Cheers Marki
  11. Thanks to all for the warm welcome! Seems to be one of the friendliest forums I've ever logged into .
  12. Hi all I'm a newbie based in S6. Love the stars, but only has some basic binoculars until yesterday. Now got a telescope (delivered yesterday). Very light polluted where I live (and I have no garden), but still getting some good views of Jupiter (hoping I'll thaw out soon... ), so very happy with my purchase. Mrs Marki was particularly delighted with being able to see the nebula in Orion. Hoping to get over to the astro meeting in Feb (and maybe someone can show me how to properly align my 'scope). Also looking for any safe darkish spots in the area for some quality gazing fun. Greetings all! Marki
  13. Hi all Decide to register and delurk:). Up til now just relied on some basic binoculars, but have just taken the plunge recently and bought a 'scope (Celestron Nexstar 8SE). Tried it out tonight for the first time, and despite being in a very light-polluted location (next to an A road and opposite a floodlit carpark and tram stop) had some serious fun. Saw Jupiter with two stripes showing, along with four moons. Was amazed by the stunning details of craters on the moon I could see. Even managed to see the Orion Nebula in some detail! So happy! Can't wait to go up to one of my friends' who have a garden and even better, to get away to the country on holiday for some dark sky fun! Have learnt so much reading on these forums (fora?), and will no doubt continue to do so! Anyway, greetings to all from a newbie :-) Marki
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