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  1. Jules - still hoping to make this, but possible clash with a family gathering in Northumberland in last week of August. Need to check/confirm dates, and Sarah's working days and will get back to you this week.
  2. Aye, your 125 was better corrected than mine, Jules. Mine was subsequently improved after I got ES to look at it and sort some of the spherical aberation it exhibited. I think I'd agree with you on the 120ED though. Having said that, this thread has prompted me to go dig out my 125 again. Looking like some clear sky later ( or at least tomorrow)!
  3. I can't wait to read your full review, Matthew. That sounds absolutely wonderous!
  4. Some good suggestions from John and Dave. If I was looking for one refractor, and that would go on an eq5, I think something in the 120 - 130 bracket is just right. I;d like a longer scope, f12 or above if an achro, but the EDs in the f7 to f9 range look fab too (quite fancy the Equinox 120 if I win on the horses ). I wonder whether the Meade at 127mm might just edge the Systra 120eds, simply because of the extra few mm aperture?
  5. Cool - will check with Sarah. May be able to come anyway, even if shes working that weekend - will let you know.
  6. That 6" f15 scope is a thing of beauty, Odd Thomas. Richard can certainly make a beautiful instrument. I'd dearly love to own one, but I fear it woudln't get used all that much. The Istar 150mm F10 I had for a few months was a bit too much for me to manage on a regular basis, and I kind of didn't get out nearly as much as I shoud have. That fullerscope mount is magnicent too!
  7. My contribution . This is my current collection.TAL125R Skylight 100mm f13 TAL100rs and TAL125R
  8. I hate this thread.... . Now I "need" more fracs!
  9. Thats pretty much the same as my experience, Jules.Some (not much) colour on the edge of the moon, Venus and Jupiter. Nothing I noticed on Saturn. Refering back to one of Shane's earlier posts, I do not notice any loss of detail on the moon with the 100rs, even when some CA is apparent (allowing for the limited resolution afforded by the aperture). Regarding diagonal's, the one with my TAL125 was well out of true (which contributed somewhat to the poor visual expereience I had with it). The one that came with my 100rs was spot on out og the box. I recently had the pleasure of using my 100rs under some very clean skies in rural France, and it once again endeared itself to me. It impressed me again with its clarity across the field, and excellent focusser. And for a small scope, it gave a fair account of itself on a range of objects. Even the edges of M13 gave tantalising hints of wanting to resolve (thought that may be a tribute to the sky quaity...).
  10. I think thats the difference John. The glass in the Starwave I had was not the same quality as Skywatcher use in their EDs. I've been rethinking my astro needs recently, and I think a decent 120ED is looking a good fit for my needs (lottery win excepted... ) - good colour control, reasonable tube length and manageability in one package. Or I just go get an 8" SCT again.
  11. I had an earlier starwave 100mm ed billed as a semi-apo a couple of years ago - cost 2 and half times as much as my 100rs. Was barely as good as my 100rs, and certainly not 2 and half times better visually (I hated the blue/purple bloat the stars seemed to have). Having said that, the Starwave had a very good build quality, as Roy says, and I thought the focusser was particularly excellent. My 100RS has the 2" crayford focusser, which is smooth and precise in operation, with a distinct and lovely "snap to focus". Lovely optics, pin sharp stars with very little chromatic aberration (it is there on brightest objects though). I think there is a lovely quality and crispness to the images it provides.Tube finish on mine is indifferent - poor paint job and fairly cheap plastic for a dew sheild, but the build is robust and effective. The exterior finish does not affect its optical quality at all though, and I think the baffling and interior finish of the tube are well done. I rather like the nice 6 x 30 finder it comes with too. It is a better scope for its aperture than the TAL125r I have (another achro), both optically and in build. Not as good optically as the 100mm Skylight f13 achro I have (based on a Japanese Carton objective), but that cost a great deal more! Although its not a miracle scope and should always be outperformed by a decent APO of equivalent aperture, I think the TAL 100RS is a very good achromat 4" refractor at an excellent price.
  12. I used my old 8SE tube with both the EQ5 and AZEQ6 (in EQ mode), It was pretty heavy for the EQ5, but the AZEQ6 held it perfectly.
  13. Not been to Staffin. Must make a point of it next time I head that way. Hoping to make another trip to Waternish in September - last time I went I took my scope but it rained everynight, pretty much . EDIT - fantastic photo.
  14. Nice one John. At the other end of the scale, I was really pleased to get M81/M82 with my 10x50 bins from my back garden tonight .
  15. Scope cooling - waiting for M13 to clear the trees :)

    1. nightfisher


      Hope you managed to use scope

  16. Interesting. My wife can certainly see colour differences in stars better than me.
  17. The best scope is the one I'm looking through at the time... .
  18. Ideally I'd have a permanent mount for a 6" f12 or longer refractor - I think that would keep me going for years. In reality, I have a good 4" f13 achro refractor that goes nicely with my AZEQ6 mount. I'd like some extra aperture and I think I'll try and acquire a C8 or similar SCT - again will pair nicely with my mount, and will easily fit in the car along with assorted ep cases, other astro paraphernalia and of course camping gear .
  19. I was out briefly last night, concentrating on Jupiter too. Seeing seemed pretty good as you say. Even with my 4" achro (f13) I was getting some lovely detail once my eyes had settled in. GRS was nice to behold too. Must have been lovely indeed with your aperture! I was mainly at around 108x to 130x (using my Baader Zoom Mk IIII) - tried a little higher, but view rapidly diminished in quality.
  20. Interesting Jules. Backs up my feeling that the TAL100rs is not 'just another 4" achro'. Its a very good 4" achro. Is this Starwave the same as the Lyra? I had a Starwave 102 ED a couple of years ago, at f7 if I recall correctly. Billed as a "semi-apo". Sharp, but only as good as the TAL, and lots of blue-purple bloom on bright stars. Certainly no better than the TAL for colour control. Nicely built though - I quite liked the focusser. Three times the price of the TAL, but nowhere near three times better! I reckon your TAL100rs is safe for a while yet .
  21. Really wish I hadn't sold my 8SE...great piece of kit. Well, the OTA was excellent, especially when I started to use it with my AZEQ6GT (much quieter than the SE mount). The red dot finder it came with was absolutely pants though!
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