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  1. Just rang - already had loads of interest. i think I'm way down the batting order
  2. Looks rather neat and pretty solid. As you say, excellent reviews and at £259 delivered by DHL from Germany, seems very good value indeed - if I didn't already have a TAL125, I'd be tempted. The 152/1200 has a haxafoc version now, and thats less than £400 delivered - now that is a tempting alternative to the evostar 150 I've been considering!
  3. I'll take a look at the website, thanks nucleardwarf
  4. Thats one of my concerns with that size of newt (the other being collimation and cooling) - seeing the 8" ones in at the starparty in Lncs and at Peak Star party, I seem to recall they're really quite bulky. The one virtue of the 6" f10 istar frac (other than excellent optics) was that the wind never budged it - simply tooo massive and heavy! Also for a mix of visual and some AP use, I assume f/5 is ok in a newt - I don't really need f/4 (unless for propoer deep sky stuff)? I do have a copy of "every Photon" lying around at home somewhere...really ought to reread that before I get too much into this sort of thing. Another question is, will I miss the longer FL for higher mag? Maybe a cheap big dob, to slake that need as well? Its amazing how circular these sorts of arguments can be...the only conclusion I've really come to is I need more scopes
  5. Not at the moment, Jules - still in window shopping mode. Following Olly's post, I have looked at a few newts. The one you mentioned, the TS UNC 200mm f/5 looks quite interesting, I have to say. On the other hand, maybe buying a good camera and learning to use it with what I have might be a better option, as per Bukko's suggestion. So far, I'm wondering about something like the DFKAU04 or DFK AU618 for a camera and an 8" F/5 ish newt or maybe a 180 mak or C8 type thing. Or just save up some more and get a nice 120-127 apo and replace the TAL125, and get a nice camera later. Cloudy and wet otuside so lots of time to make a decision!
  6. Once in a hurry to pack up due to rain, I undid the bolt/screw thing thats holds the mount to the tripod head. The mount promptly tipped over and crashed to the ground. I'd forgotten to take the counter weights and extention bar off first! Luckily landed on grave/earth rather than concrete, and fortunately suffered no damage other than a few scratches (and a big dent in my ego ).
  7. My list since I started nearly 5 years ago - I've still got the ones in bold: Celestron 8SE: 200mm SCT F/10 (sold - found it somehow cold and uninvolving; why do they ship with such a pants finder too?) TAL 100RS: 100mm achromat refractor F/10 (keeper - currently stationed at my mum's place in France) Starwave 100ED: 100mm "semi-apochromat" refractor F/7 (sold - visually not as good as it was cracked up to be, mechanically very nice though) Skywatcher Equinox 80 Apo Pro: 80mm apochrormat refractor F/6.5 (sold - brilliant quality, nice and handy, but not enough aperture for me - I'd bought it with AP in mind and never really got into it) TAL 125R: 125mm achromat refractor F/8.9 (probably a keeper - not great to begin with, but much better after receiving some professional attention to address some speherical aberation) Skylight f13: 100mm achromat refractor F/13 (definite keeper - based on a Carton 100mm objective, the scope looks fantastic and the views through it are even better - long focal length 'fracs are things of wonder!) Istar Perseus 150: 150mm achromat refractor F/10 (sold regretfully - this scope was simply too massive for me to mount well and use regularly; fantstic views though - miss that aperture and clarity!) Got a thing for 'fracs, me. I miss the aperture of the 150mm F/10 but that thing was heavy and massive and mounting it became a somewhat painful chore that put me off using it. Without the ability to build/maintain a permanent mounting solution/obsy, I sadly had to let it go. I may be tempted to go back to an SCT or Mak for a more compact way of getting aperture. Or maybe I'll even consider the dark pleasures of Newt/Dob ownership! And the thing I use most? A second hand pair of 10x50 bins .
  8. Hi and welcome Matt The 200mm dob does seem a great value scope, and many people will tell you (rightly) how rewarding it is to manually find your way around the sky. As a mainly visual person myself, I still really like the convenience of having goto and tracking - more time on target (important when my time is limited), easier to find targets in light polluted skies (and in dark skies too where there are almost too many stars to confuse me when star-hopping to a target). Many goto systems have a park setting which remembers your settings (assuming you don't move the mount), but you may have to enter time/date each time, as well as aligning on bright stars etc. Its pretty easy after the first time though . More experienced members can point you better for photographic advice, but in general an equatorial mount is prefereable to an alt-az mount for anything more than really short exposure photography - may be something to bear in mind at some point. There is not simple one-size fits all in terms of telescope/mount/camera arrangements for imaging/visual and ideal rigs vary depending what target type you have in mind, as I'm sure you'l know from reading the various forums here! Good idea to go to a shop (or club) and actaully see the size of the kit too - don't be afraid to take your time and ask loads of questions, I'm sure the staff at Tring will be pleased to help you. Good luck with you decision though
  9. Cheers Jules. Will take a look. If I'm honest, maybe I just want some new toys . I really need to think about it all - time to reread some of the threads in the imaging sections. And maybe I'd just settle for a few clear nights with no wind, no full moon and when I don't have to get up at 6am the next day .
  10. The fleece lining looks kinda funky though Paul - sort of arctic explorer slege-like! You just need to train Chiara and soem friends to works as a team, that'd sort the moving about bit out! Mush!
  11. Thanks Olly - made me laugh And thanks to all who have replied. I guess I do want it all (who doesn't ). Forget the aperture for now...is there any significant difference between the 127 triplet and 120mm doublet? Maybe I should have held on to my 80mmED and just learnt to do more with that! I get the point re budget too - might be able to push it some. Ok - advice on camera if budget up to £500? And if I had £1500 for a scope? Maybe I should just go rethink what I want to do in the first place !
  12. Don't see anything in that link Jules - doesn't seem to work for me.
  13. Worst thing for me is my feet go cold - the rest is easy to sort with layering (well, gloves can be a bit tricky). I sorted my feet out with these, quite expensive but one of the single best astro buys I;ve ever made! It made a huge difference to my ability to stay out for extended periods in sub-zero termepratures last winter http://www.keenfootwear.com/en-nl/product/shoes/men/alaska-boot
  14. Hi Gang Another opportunity to spend other peoples money . I'm thinking of a new set-up and your input would be appreciated. I currently use either my Skylight 100mm f13 achro (which I'll keep) or my TAL 125mm achro (f8.9) which I might replace- nice scopes but maybe not so good for AP dabbling. I have three competing tensions - aperture and a desire for some AP, and a relatively limited budget (c. £1k, maybe a bit more). Mount not an issue (I have an AZEQ6 to carry it all). Note, my AP ambitions are limited (currently) to planets and the moon, and maybe brighter DSOs like globs and M42. Not interested in Dobs/newts or SCTs for purposes of this discussion. My first thought is to get a Skywatcher 150 f8, put a moonlite on it and use that for basic planterary caps - gives me aperture (esp for my visual needs), but wth some hopefully filterable CA, and is quite cheap to put together.Second, up my budget a bit and go for skywatcher 120mm ED - no aperture gain over my existing set-up but better for AP? - I guess I need to budget for flatteners or can I add later if I get more serious?Third, up the budget some more and go for a ES 127 triplet or similar - as above.A couple of questions - is there much difference visually between a 127mm triplet and a 120mm doublet? Any recommendation for a entry level CCD camera would be good too - up c. £200 ish? Cheers Mark
  15. One for sale on Astrobuysell - http://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=104924 Quite tempted, as I'm missing aperture at the moment.
  16. Fantastic Nick! What a great report! Unfortunately work demands meant I had to cancel my usual trip to Skye this year... . Maybe next year... .
  17. Not the best seeing, but just good to be outside under a clear sky for a change!

  18. Hope you all made it home safe. Big storm just passed over head here in York!
  19. Well, I hope to be. Sarah still doesn't know - shes on lates on the Friday unless she can get cover (and the person she needs to speak to is on leave... .)
  20. I'll bring the Tal125r for certain and the Skylight 4" f13 if I can fit it in too. Red tent, a bottle of rum and a trangia and some packet food, tea and coffee and biccies:). Oh and a motley collections of random eps to peer at things through. Need to get some more batteries for my red headtorch thingy; don't want to upset any astronomers
  21. Turns out Sarah is working late Friday, so we may only be able to come on saturday (unless she can get cover). Tried to book oth days just in case, but Blimey - their phones are permanently engaged or they ring off. Will try again tomorrow!
  22. Power tank on charge - so, which scope to use? Skylight 4" f13 or TAL125r?

    1. nightfisher


      you sold that sleek Alfa? what you got now?

    2. Marki


      Still an Alfa - Giulietta this time - gone back to petrol after my excursion into diesel ownership - and just as diesel is cheaper than petrol for the first time in years - doh!

    3. nightfisher


      The Giulietta is still a rather nice car, and it sounds like the gov are thinking about turning against diesel cars

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  23. Thats a railway gun with glass! Awesome
  24. TAL125r on the mount and cooling... :)

    1. xtreemchaos


      i got 35 mins better than nil..

    2. Marki


      Same here. As it went dark, I got it all aligned and then clouded over within 30 mins. Went inside. Looked out when I went to bed and it was totally clear, so nipped out with my bins for 20mins :), so not a totally wasted night.

    3. xtreemchaos


      all i got was a few widefeild shots just to try the ed and then it was just clouded out by1210am

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  25. Good news is no clash with family gathering - just need to book the Friday off work now Hope to get it signed off this week then I can book.
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