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  1. Nice looking scope - looks a good match for the az4 too.
  2. Congratulations to you both Jules :).
  3. For me, go-to was my way in. It made targets available to me that I might not have been able to find under the light polluted slies where I started. This is still true to some extent several years later. I found it was also very useful to have go-to and tracking with heavier scopes. The main reason I still stick with go-to is staying on target once acquired - time on target to see more detail on planets and in DSOs, to see finer splits in doubles and so on. It allows me time to get my eye in without having to distract myself with moving the scope manually.
  4. Yes, but i took it to France a couple of years ago on holiday at my mum's place. Not been able to get back over to bring it home - i'd wondered about modding it for solar.
  5. Looks lovely....would complement my f13 100mm and f9 125mm achros quite nicely...now if only I can convince the bankmanager (aka Mrs Marki...). Note to self - stop clicking on links posted by John to avoid temptation...
  6. Nice one, Jules. Looking forward to a first-light soon :).
  7. A good read, Nick. I love a good 25mm Plossl. The TAL one that I have is an excellent ep, and one of my most used too. Could really do with some clear nights when I don't have a 6am start the next day though.... .
  8. The APM 152 has recently caught my attention too. What are the reported issues with the objective you read, John? The APM 140 also looks good too, and is also on my "possible" list. Both would sit happily on my AZEQ6 and should be physically managable for me (lighter than the IStar 150 f10 I had). It'd be interesting to see how the 140 stacked up against the 130 LZOS/APM in terms of views etc.
  9. Got "rationalised" at work a couple of weeks ago :(. Got two job offers today :). Time for telescope shopping!


    1. nightfisher


      Good luck matey, and let us know what you buy

  10. Oooh temptation indeed - and I could probably lift that one! Any plans for upgrades to the APM? How does it feel mechanically (focusser etc.)?
  11. Is that the Istar for sale on Astrobuysell John? Almost tempted to revisit the nearly unmanageable 150mm class again myself...I must be insane, esepcially given how little time out under the sky I've had this year! This APM looks magnificent though! Top marks, and I look forward to reading much more about it!
  12. Thought I'd dropped into a Cloudy Nights thread for a moment... ;).
  13. Better than I've managed. I;ve had to resort to decimating bushes on the edge of my garden to get any sort of view down to 15 degree above the horizon, and raise my scope too, and peer between trees in my neighbours garden. And after all that is not been as "giving" as last year. Hey ho, roll on 2018!
  14. Hi and welcome from the Vale of York
  15. Good big horizons! Looks nice and high too.
  16. FOR SALE Skywatcher Equinox 120 APO PRO (case and OTA). I only bought this in Febraury from The Widescreen Centre and it has only been out four times. Near mint condition, albeit some marks on the dovetail as you'd expect. It was bought with the intention of putting together an AP set-up. However, changed financial circumstances prevent me achieving this aim at the current time. I have a new unused Baader Sky Surfer V red dot finder to accompany it which I will include with the telescope. Asking for c. £900, but open to offers including part cash and/or swap offers (ideally SCT/MAK/achro 'frac over 150mm). I'm happy to deliver within a c. 150 - 200 mile radius of York. Happy to answer any questions :).
  17. Nice one! Just come in from watching this myself (in my TAL 125mm achro) - best night I've had with Jupiter for ages :).
  18. Fantastic hour or so watching moons and shadws on Jupiter :).


  19. Marki

    SGL XI Chit Chat

    Unfortunately I can't make it this weekend, as both me and Mrs Marki are suffering the lurgy. I hope you all have a good time (weather forecast looks good for tonight at least).
  20. Marki

    SGL XI Chit Chat

    Still raining here in York. Not due to come down to Lucksall til tomorrow, but wondering whether to bother...is it very wet there? Is the river under control? Should I bring a periscope instead of a telescope? Hope you are all dry!
  21. Now thats an excellent thing - thanks
  22. The pentax looks a better option than this curiosity?!! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4-inch-H-N-Irving-F15-vixen-refractor-/111898814780?hash=item1a0db0693c:g:FrYAAOSwI-BWK5jp
  23. Marki

    For Sale

    I might be interested in the DFK Stephen
  24. Marki

    SGLXI Welcome Packs

    Thanks! Look forward to meeting you all (and some of you again) at my first SGL :).
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