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  1. Agreed. This is one of my "must view" objects everytime I go out, and whatever I use. To my eye the clusters are almost in three parts, two of which seem to have a pair of brghter stars. I really ought to research them more - sure some are doubles. Thanks for the background information too...makes these blogs really stand out for me.

    That is a very ambitious sketch; well done! Keep 'em coming :)

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  2. Interesting blog entry, Qualia. Lots to think about here (too much for my short lunch break)....look forward to the next installment! So, when will you get to the Higgs Boson :)? Do we think the CERN team have cracked it yet or are they just justifying their next budget allocation requests ;).

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  3. I'm afraid at my latitude its pretty much not dark at any time (llowing for the LP), assuming the clouds ever let me see the sky for more than a minute! I tried to find the Ringrecently with my 100rs, but gave up.

    However, you are right, there is no substitute for time at the eyepiece. I think alimited range of targets in an observing slot is a sensible plan for that reason.

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  4. Out of curiosity, what ep/diagonal combination are you most typically using for the Messiers? And is this different from what you use for splitting doubles?

    I think Albireo is one of the most beautiful objects I have ever had the good fortune to see - the colours are stunning!

    Look forward to your next post!

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  5. Ah thats interesting. I've read some good reviews of the UHC - tempted to get one myself. I have the Baader neodymium moon and skyglow filter to try cut some of the sodium haze. It works a little, I think, but there are many "white" lights as opposed to the orange, from a carpark immediately oposite my house. Have you given any thought to the OIII filters? I believe these are supposed to be good for "planetary" nebulas?

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  6. Good work, Qualia. I love the background info you have provided as well.

    I have yet to get a decent view of M57 from my heavily LP location; unfortunately I can't get on a roof, and I wonder if that height helps by getting you above much of the light? Do you use any filters?

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