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  1. For avoidance of doubt I think he will be a good addition to the show.
  2. Cut out the impressions andI think it he can be used to ask the basic questions that need to be asked of the rest of the team and some of the common features. I agree with how many do you need for a 30 minute show. Chris is the main presenter he can carry the show easily as the host. Last night was one of the having everyone together shows but when they do their we individual features then you will see a rotation of them all. The show has an obvious mission to attract more people into astronomy so while John knows what he is doing I expect him to look like he knows a lot less and is learning.
  3. Clear skies but 60mph gusts up here in North East Scotland.
  4. Finally get a break and can do my sons cub group. Great kids, Great Questions and a really enjoyable 1 1/2 hours in the cold. Pleiades, Jupiter, Orion Nebula, Plough, Polaris, Taurus, Betelgeuse, Taurus, Orion Laser pen in hand, eyes then bino's and finally the 105etx Very enjoyable evening.
  5. North East Scotland, 40 mils past Aberdeen
  6. Nice clear night up here tonight. Great apart from the 40mph gusts and the windchill being -6. Think I will find a good book to read out of my collection.
  7. Well done, it looks a beast of a scope. You will find some mod's people have done if you google lightbridge mod's there are some of youtube and on cloudynights. common one i have seen for the 16" is a wheelbarrow type set up so you pick up the handles and wheels give clearance so you can wheel about. Whack a wixey on it and mark up the base and its pretty darn accurate, well i find it is on my 12". 16"s Sweet!
  8. If you can switch to a manual mode then do it and play with your settings. If you have a manual focus, first in autofocus mode focus camera, then switch to manual and don't move it. Set the ISO 400 - 800 Shutter 3.5 - 5.6 (shutter will not make that much difference) Shutter speed is where it is all at and just play around with long exposures 1 sec, 10, 20,30, 60 120 To stop shake from hitting the button put the camera in timer mode and press the shutter button it will be stable when the shutter releases and you get nice crisp pics.
  9. Enjoyed it and thought it would have looked strange if he did ask those questions or not look as if to push for answers. Patrick knew what was going to be asked so could easily bat that away. Noone is going to give an loved 84 year old a grilling. Chris has been moving into the role of host and I think it should be one of the existing team, which makes him the standout candidate in my opinion. Long may it continue.
  10. Hi, Can you put the pics back up that are missing. I would love to do this but cant get my head round how to fix the encoder. Cheers
  11. I have the lightbridge 12" in just moving from garage to garden i find that the collimation shifts easily. I am not bothered as I would always check anyway and it only takes me a minute. I think its the springs that there is an issue with as but just not found time to have a good enough look. I have read that people have broke it down and put it up and it is still collimated. The primary mirror cover is pretty flimsy but apart from that its all good. I got mine 3 months ago and it now ships with a shroud so thats £40 saved.
  12. Dobsonian gets best bang for your buck, you can mark it up with setting circles a £20 wixey inclinometer and it is a push to scope which is really easy to set up (just align it to pole star, all of 2 minutes). Will come with tow eyepieces normally so buy a barlow and you have four eyepieces essentially. I use my dob more than my goto.
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