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  1. yeah it's really cool! It was the first time I had seen something like this, I know it's not the best example of it but I still feel proud lol Oh and btw, photos were taken by my iPhone
  2. I may be completely wrong here but I took some photos of the sky over Guildford yesterday evening and the clouds looked awfully like mammatus formations. Again, I may be wrong but it looks pretty cool anyway lol have a look. These are my first photo submissions on this site btw so, yay
  3. Yeah I was driving along a road with a clear view of the western horizon, the sun had just set in the previuos 20 mins or so and there she was shining away brilliantly about 5 degrees up. Was the very first time I had seen it and I was very impressed. Shame I didnt have the binos and tripod with me though But still, that just leaves me with Neptune and Mercury to spot and the list will be complete
  4. Well I was feeling rather nocturnal last night and didnt go to my bed until around 4am. so around then I had a look outside with the binos to the south and got my first look at the constellation of Orion! It looks preety damn awesome through the binos and it was the first time I had seen the areas of M42 and M43 I have to say I was thoroughly impressed
  5. one thats got me recently is Pleiades... Anyone able to help me out? lol at the moment I'm saying it as "plee-aides" but I dont know if that's correct.
  6. was cloudy pretty much all night for me Scotland isnt great for clear skies haha
  7. well it mercifully cleared up 2 nights ago and I got a good look with em They're awesome
  8. When you buy a pair of brand new 20x50 Binos, they arrive in the post today, and it's a blumming cloudy night outside
  9. Nice image! I wish I had a camera good enough to do that haha. Although strangely enough, people keep saying that the milky was looking really good... I still havent seen it yet is it visible with the naked eye?
  10. Cool thanks guys, I've done a bit more research to this and most places are saying that it's a rotating satellite too. Good to know that's what I saw lol
  11. Well I was out satellite spotting the other night and I saw something that I'm pretty sure was a satellite, although it didnt look like any other satellites I've seen before... It moved at a constant speed (that of a satellite), made no noise and was just a point of light (so not a plane). But the strange thing was, was that the light that was coming from it was like that of a lighthouse... like it was bright then went dull, then bright, then dull etc etc. I'm sure it was some sort of satellite but I just want to be sure Jamie
  12. Haha Im sure if I got it with ones that small then if you have good eyes, you'll see it fine And thanks!
  13. Uranus!!! And I'm very surprised that I even saw it with my tiny 7x20 binos . But with a magnitude of 5.96, I thought I'd give it a go, even with the Moon shining in all it's glory not too far away... After star hopping for a wee while I came across where I remembered it to be on Stellarium, went back to have a look at Stellarium and I was right! Could only make it out as a very faint star-like object but it was definately there! After seeing this, I'm left with Mercury, Venus and Neptune. Hopefully I can get them eventually
  14. I have a clear sky at the moment. Been nice and clear all day so lets hope it stays that way for tonight. I get a cracking view of Jupiter from my bedroom window Just wish I had a camera to take pics of it
  15. Haha well M45 was seen somewhere between 2am and 3am just appearing over the trees to the east (roughly). Was a great feeling having seen it through the binos for the first time
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