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  1. 82:when you notice that your step son left your scope beside the dryer and the wife didn't put the hose out the window. i just noticed this second and my scope is dripping water and my lenses are fogged up. ararararggggggghhhhhh, thank dog (backwards)i love them so much.
  2. 81: promising the wife that you would do no viewing over the Easter weekend,but only because the forecast was for a cloudy weekend. to then look out and see clear sky's hahahahaha my own fault for believing the forecast
  3. i forgot i am keeping an eye on big red the bettledude waiting for him/her to do its magic. i have not seen a supernova yet and i know it would be big on my best of list.
  4. hahahahaha she caught me the second i tried to move, i should understand as i did promise her i would not do any viewing over the weekend, i agreed but only cause i knew it was to be cloudy all week end and i have clear sky's. well a promise is a promise so i will wait till she is asleep and then go have a few hours if the clouds stay away.
  5. the moon is and will forever be my most loved of all the sky offers. i do like everything but i love the moon. the moon is the reason why i got a scope and i sit for hours just zooming in and out of all the everything on our best friend the moon. the thing i look at the most is where the dark meats the light, i love the extra shadow or 3d effect it gives, i am sitting here getting a softy and thinking if the wife would notice if i sneak out for an hour. i am addicted ;0
  6. nothing but cloud her last few days, its Ireland after all hahaha will be the same for the whole weekend. i am still going to have a great week end. chocolate chocolate chocolate
  7. i know everyone does not celebrate Easter but i would like to wish everyone a happy Easter, i don't go for all the religion side of things its a great time to eat chocolate and we have 49 eggs here for me and my wife and 5 kids, 5 large trays of milk tray , we also have a great egg hunt basket with about 40 small eggs. best wishes to everyone have a great week end.:hello2:
  8. was just out looking at the moon , i could clearly see a small very bright spot on the bottom left to middle of the moon, anyone got any idea if this is debris left by the missions that landed there, i was thinking it was and it was just reflecting the light. any ideas.
  9. th56: the wife buys you a new scope for your birthday, it will not fit right in the car so you decide to take the 8 seater that is out of tax to the dark spot on this best night of the year, never see anyone ever at the spot EVER, when you stop the car that second the garda (police) pull up beside you and do you for no tax and 30 minutes later they go, you have a big fine in hand the sky is total clouds, so sad almost cried:icon_confused: wife laughed and kids too. :o:)
  10. would this picture above not be right about the forces and how to solve this problem if it is a problem, by the way excuse the bad graphics i normally do better work but this was a rush job
  11. phat tony

    my tower

    this is some rough snippets of my 3d tower design
  12. Janesf, that ride is called the Mexican hat over here. when you are on it you feel like you are stuck as you said but you also feel as if you are getting slightly pulled to one side, the opposite of the spinning direction . would that not be the same for astronauts in a craft that would be spinning. a better way to look at it is if you where in a hamster wheel that was on its side spinning the same way as that ride and facing in the direction the wheel was spinning would you not need to step back or would you not fall back with that second force or g.?????
  13. freeflyjay your right and i am wrong, the roundabout is a great example, thank you for putting me right . the silly thing is when i was younger i went in the wall of death on my bike and once i hit my target speed i hit a toggle switch to keep that speed so i was thinking i knew the force but i was not thinking right at all. did you ever go on the Mexican hat ride. you get a mixture of both forces or g if you like. the centrifugal and straight line g. would that be the same for the astronauts in a spinning craft.
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