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  1. I've just modded my Skywatcher 10" Dob copied Daz's advice exactly, a big improvement. Thanks Bucker
  2. That's great thanks, hope to see everyone there. Bucker
  3. I live about ten miles away from the camp site in Herefordshire, as a new member would it be ok to drop in on the Saturday afternoon to meet people, see their scopes and maybe stay til dark and see how they operate, I've just bought a 10" dob ( I won't bring it) it would be good to see other people's setups. Bucker
  4. Just in from observing Jupiter ( between clouds) a first for me, are those really the moons I can see, three in a row and one opposite, I know I'm seeing them inverted and I haven't got my head round which way up they are yet. Fantastic!1 Bucker
  5. Thanks everyone for your comments, it was truly awesome, I was hoping to see Jupiter last night but the sky clouded over and spoiled it. There's sooo much to learn....... Bucker
  6. What a fantastic night/early morning I had, first time out with my telescope ( Skywatcher 250px), wonderful view (for me) of Saturn, I'm absolutey blown away to actually be looking live at such a beautiful sight. I didn't give in until I felt completey frozen, it was 4am. Bucker
  7. Bucker

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    Wow what a welcome, thanks everyone, friendly place to be! B.
  8. Bucker

    New to this

    Hi all, Sent for my first telescope today, read this forum for a week or two to get some ideas, settled on a Skywatcher 250px Dobsonian, hope I've done the right thing, got to be better than bins! I tried a friends unused Trasco 73mm, horrible flimsy thing, could just about focus on the moon with it. Hope to see lots in deepest (but not darkest) Herefordshire, don't know where to point it yet!! What do people reckon is the best astronomy mag to start reading? B.
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