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  1. Mostly at home have taken it to stargazing parties before. As others said for going for a one nighter it is a bit on the heavy side
  2. I too have a S.W. HEQ5 pro mount witch I use for astrophotography, never has it let me down.
  3. Update last night when it cleared up I went out side & connected my laptop fired everything up & connected nina to the equipment did a 10sec exposure good focus was on my imaging screen so I did autofocus run through all the filters. most filters had around 0.8 - 1.00 hfr with some down to 0.72
  4. Not heard of Malvite , but have heard of Malvernian
  5. Hello from west malvern
  6. Though my next door neighbour put her blinds down I still put my tarp up to stop any stray light coming through.
  7. That could be the problem. I was thinking of going over to zwo cameras when money allows
  8. got the latest driver for the camera and my laptop does meet the requirement
  9. Just to update I took the S.X. H674 camera off and put my spare camera (atik titan) on turned the looping of. This time I got an image on the screen.(looks like it could be the h674 camera at fault}.
  10. yes I have power to the cam ( software can't connect if no power to camera).
  11. It's turned on so is the star detection next to it
  12. next time I get chance to to connect to the equipment I'll give the loop selected
  13. Not a silly question, but what the difference between the two. I assume that the snap shot is the one used for plate solving.
  14. I get a msg on nina saying camera connected and when I go to the camera tab the camera profile (chip size/ pixel size) are shown. As I found out with apt if no power to cam the software cannot connect.
  15. It's a skywatcher 80 ed pro with a focal length of 600mm and a focal reducer bringing the focal length to 510mm
  16. not sure can't see any thing to focus with
  17. Hi I have Starlight xpress H674 mono connected to my s.w. refractor the trouble I go too take a 10 sec exposure I get a black screen looks like the settings are a bit out. Does anyone who's using nina know how to get the stars shown?
  18. I'm looking at 2 different imaging software (APT & N.I.N.A), On both you have the option to set the filter offset (focus). I'm using the beader 1.25" filters on my set up. Does anyone use these know how par focal they are and how much offset is needed on each filter?
  19. Thanks Alexander, I use stellarium for imaging as I can use for field of view calculator for my equipment.
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