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    Astronomy, camping, sci-fi (films and books) motorcycles, NT and English Heritage, history, airplanes ..... Loads more too numerous .......
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    Orpington, Kent.

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  1. Thanks to all you good astro-people for your advice and help. When the funds are better, or when I ave managed to sell my Meade 5" Mak-Cass (demounted) then I shall look out forone. Thanks again. Doug.
  2. I haven`t been on here for a long while but I do have a question. I have seen an advert in the Sky at Night magazine regarding the Celestron StarSense AutoAlign accessory and was wondering if any on here has used this equipment on their telescopes. I have a Celestron Nexstar 5SE and want to know if it will work on this telescope, as I cannot afford to outlay this sort of cash if it ain`t gonna work. So please, helpful and knowledgeable people, can you assist me in my quest?? Thanking you in advance, Doug. The Ancient Astronomer.
  3. A warm welcome, Achim. I too an am observer, so I know what it`s like but do not have all the telescopes that you have. Anyway, enjoy. Doug.
  4. This probably not the correct place to ask this question but ........ can anybody help or pass this request onto whoever can help. My sign in name is Mr Bassman but I have realised that I also have another name on here. I have just initiated the Mr Bassman acoount, as I have realised that I have another account on SGL under the sign-in name of Kynaston. I have apologied to all those people who welcomed me under the Mr Bassman name in a post under non-astro things, but I would like the moderators to delete the Mr Bassman name as I can reinstate the Kynaston name which I have had for some time. Because I have not used the SGL for some time, I had forgotten my old name. Sorry about all this and hope it all makes sense. Doug. (ex. Mr Bassman and now Kynaston)
  5. I, with other from the local Astro Society, are going to a local school for an Outreach Lunar and Jupiter observing session tomorrow. That is, IF the clouds, rain and wind have eased. There are so many interested schools who are doing these Outreach sessions; inviting Astro Societies and Clubs to show the pupils views of the heavens.... it`s really fantastic. I would recommend any Astro Society to investigate the possibility of encouraging their local schools to further their astronomical knowledge, there are so many budding scientists out there. Doug.
  6. Kynaston

    Another newbie.

    Thanks all for your welcome messages .... nice of you. When I find out how to and when I have some images, I will put them on the whatever. This is a whole new ballgame for me, so be patient.
  7. Kynaston

    Another newbie.

    Hi there. My name is Doug and I live near Orpington in Kent. I have been interested in astronomy since the age of eight and when I retired after 54 years at work, I decided to rekindle the interest. Sooooo .... I bought a small Meade telescope and started the re-exploration of the sky. I then thought I had better try and meet like minded people and so joined a local Astronomy Society. The i found I had to learn how to try and use a laptop (which I have never done) and the like minded good people helped me to use the darned thing. I now have `scopes; my original Meade 70 ETX, a Skywatcher 1145 Newtonian and a Skywatcher 127mm refractor. I sometimes take images of the sky with a camera through the eyepiece but I don`t do pukka imaging ...... like I have seen on this and other Forums. I might try one day ..... if the finances allow but otherwise I just love observing. I have just got a 2" 28mm eyepiece and star diagonal for Christmas and now need a 2" barlow. Here`s looking ..... perhaps for my 78th birthday in May ..... he said hopefully. This is me; old andf very keen. Cheers.
  8. Thanks to all for the replies and information. I will be taking a small netbook with us and hopefully may be able to meet up with some of you Kernow peeble for a wet and a chat. Let me know if you fancy a beer in the Copperhouse in Hayle and we will see what we can arrange.
  9. Hi Jo. Are you in the Hayle area of West Cornwall? There are a lot of dark areas down there for you to observe from... lucky you. What scope did you get??
  10. My wife and I are going down to Hayle in Cornwall for a two week holiday in June/July and we are wondering if there are any local astronomy Societys in that location, so that we might possibly visit? I am not taking any `scopes down with me on holiday... only 15x50 binos, so would appreciate any suggestions for clubs in that area. Thanks.
  11. I am in possession of a Zeiss Telementor scope which is used for Outreach sessions with my astronomical Society. It only has the basic and normal eyepiece "holder" which is screwed into the tube at the seeing end. I want to try and get an adapter which will fit onto this tube, so I can use a selection of eyepieces and an erecting prism. If anybody has any idea where I can get one, all answers gratefully received. Also does anybody know how to remove the objective lens cell for cleaning as it is full of rather large bits of dust? Thanks.
  12. Kynaston


    Thanks all for the welcome messages. Faulksy, I have only been an active astronomer for about seven years although it`s a long term interest. I don`t do imaging; I just like observing. Things actually seen with the eye are incredible; I leave it to those whose skills and equipment are better than mine for the images. And JBM1165; are you interested in WW2 aeroplanes, or just the Hurricane? Now, a quick question for somebody. Does anybody know how to remove the objective lens on a Zeiss Telementor 2?? All answers gratefully received. Thanks.
  13. Kynaston


    I have been interested in astronomy for 65 years and have been an active member of an astronomy society since I retired in 2001. I then bought a small Meade 70mm refractor with the inevitable go-to which, unfortunately, got damaged by somebody rocking the tube when it was locked. Ah, well !!!! I now have a SkyWatcher 1145 reflector, a SkyWatcher 127 SynScan and have just got a SkyWatcher 6" Pro Matsukov Cassegrain, of which I have to get the EQ5 mount motorised.... or shall I leave it as a manual mount, he said????? Still, that`s me. I look forward to chatting to like minded people on here.
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