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  1. Hello, I am looking for some one to one help collimating my 10" dobsonian I have a laser and Cheshire collimator but when collimating something just doesn't look right I really would like to take my scope to someone or they can come to me to arrange a collimation lesson I live in Grappenhall in warrington and as I say I can come to you or if preferred you can come to me. Anyone who has experience collimating a dob who would be willing to help a relative newby please message me back. Thanks. Ps I have not gone into detail as to the problems I think I am having as don't want to confuse the issue
  2. Thanks for the advice from everyone thinking about it although the skies were clear I don't think the conditions where as good as they looked I noticed a large halo around the moon so assume there was high cloud spoiling my view. i will try again tonight and hope for better conditions. Thanks again for all your responses.
  3. Do you need a laser collimator for a dob or is a Cheshire eyepiece sufficient will I be able to align the secondary mirror with a Cheshire thanks
  4. Ok I have a 10" dob but I am a little disappointed with my view of the planet i have looked at the comparison sites showing what I should expect to see however the views I am getting don't match what I expect. The views I see only give 2 extremely faint bands barley visble at all I don't live bad area for light pollution and was using a 7" celestron x-cel lx eyepiece please don't miss understand me I don't expect visuals llike seen in mmagazines I Know that will never happen however I did expect more than what I have seen. your thought would be appreciated thanks ps the scope is collima
  5. Can I align the secondary with my Cheshire eyepiece if so how do I do it thanks
  6. Hi all i have just collimated my 10" dob by using Crosshair Cheshire eyepiece i did it by adjusting the screws at the base of the scope until the crosshair lined up perfectly in the centre of the donut. my question is when watching this being done on YouTube they used a laser collimator and started by adjusting the small mirror with Allen keys then finished by lining up the laser with the screws on the base. i did not touch the small mirror or adjust it with Allen keys I just aligned my Cheshire with the screws on the base have I done it correct ?
  7. Hi all I have made a shroud for my dobsonian 10" collapsible scope but due to the weather I have been unable to test it I am wondering if it makes a big difference I don't live in a bad area for light pollution I would say I have medium conditions. Anyone else that uses a shroud what improvements should I expect. thanks
  8. Thanks for all your responses I have gone with Star walk I must say it looks very good
  9. Hi As title says I am looking to find out what is the best app / device I can use for charting the night sky on my I phone 4 thanks
  10. Hi I purchased a 10" dobsonian with synscan goto however I have been having problems with the synscan malfunctioning thankfully it is still under warranty and will be rereplaced my question is that I have had issues with mine on more than one occasion I was wondering if I have just been unlucky or is problems with the synscan common thanks
  11. I slews and keeps slewing even before you enter your second star as if it has a mind of its own I have tried 2 different power supplies but it does the same thing. Surely it should not start moving until I have entered my second star
  12. Hi all I have taken my dob out this evening for the rare clear skies having set up the synscan I have tried to align the scope but having some issues When I chose 2 star alignment I chose Capella as my 1st star but when I press enter and it says choose second star the scope slewes before I have even chosen my second star This is very strange as the scope should not slew until I have entered my second star has anyone had this problem or got any advice Thanks
  13. Ok so I take my synscan out the other night and set up my synscan using the summer triangle it was very easy and was able to align very easily however tonight I tried the same and when I lined my scope with any of the summer triangle and set to two star alignment ie I chose vega then my second star options would not show Deneb or altar if I aligned with altar it would not give me a second star option of vega or deneb I had my finder scope aligned and was entering the correct time date and longitude latitude etc so why would my synscan not offer me the 2 star alignment options that it has in t
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