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  1. No problem. It's a pretty tight fit and I'm confident it aint going anywhere!
  2. I had a new SW Esprit 100ED delivered on Tuesday and I've already knocked up a solar filter for it. Looking forward to trying some imaging as what I'm seeing through it looks so much better than my old telescope.
  3. Here's a JPEG that I got and I'm pretty happy with it. ISO100 and 1/1000 exposure.
  4. It's wall to wall sunshine in Edinburgh today so I'm going to have a go at imaging the sun. I have an 8" Newtonian, a home made filter and I'll be using a modified Canon EOS 600D. Could anyone give me some pointers re ISO settings and exposure length please? And do I need to be careful not to cook the camera? Thanks.
  5. I ordered an Esprit 80 last week and went with the Es Reid bench test option. I'm really glad I did as although the telescope has passed, the flattener that I bought with it hasn't. I would never have worked that one out myself and would probably have just assumed that the problem was with the scope itself. It's a bit frustrating that I have to wait a little longer but at least I know it'll be right when I get it. I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas and I don't even know when Christmas Day is ?
  6. It was clear enough for me to have a go last night and I'm pretty pleased with the results. Here's one of the JPEG's as an example. However, I got an error message when trying to stack 93 RAW images in Deep Sky Stacker. Can anyone advise how to resolve this? Again, example attached.
  7. Thanks folks, that's really helpful.
  8. Thanks for that. I should have mentioned that I use digiCamControl but I'm sure I'll find it in there.
  9. I have a modified Canon EOS 600d and any pictures I take of the moon are way too bright. Could someone give me some idea of the ISO setting and exposure length that I should be using? Thanks.
  10. Thanks. FLO have replied to my question and they recommend the 11" version of this... https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adm-vixen-type-v-series/adm-vixen-style-universal-dovetail-bars.html I might just go for that as I don't have anything here that will drill through the dovetail I already have.
  11. I've just remembered that I've got a dovetail here, it came with my HEQ5 and it's 21cm. I didn't need to use it as my existing scope just dropped right on to the HEQ5. That'll do the trick eh? (Once I've drilled it!!)
  12. Thanks for your reply, that's really helpful. I'll let FLO recommend the right vixen dovetail so I don't get the wrong thing!
  13. I'm getting closer to making a move on this but having done a bit more homework there seem to be a couple of issues. There's a discussion about balancing the scope in this review... Does anyone have experience of balancing the scope, and if so how did you sort it? Bearing in mind my camera is a DSLR. There also seems to be a focussing issue when using a DSLR if you don't buy the flattener as well. I was going to get that later in the year so that woman who hangs around the house would be less likely to spot that particular purchase! Anyone come across this? I'm going to buy it from FLO and one of their reviews mentions balancing as well, so I'll also drop them a line and see how they deal with it.
  14. Thanks folks, that's really useful. I was planning on getting the bench test, T ring and bahtinov mask at the same time and get the field flattener later in the year. Will bear that in mind though.
  15. I'm looking to get a new telescope, primarily for astro photography, and the Esprit 80ED is what I'm thinking of. My mount is an HEQ5 with Rowan belt upgrade and my camera is a modified Canon EOS 600d. Would that scope be a good choice? And is there anything else out there around the £1000 mark that would also be worth considering? Thanks.
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