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  1. Nope can't see any screw at all Wish I could find the thread where the guy says he uses this focuser with his 102GT :'( Thanks for the link - had a good look but there's nothing there to suit from what I can see unfortunately. I've also emailed Celestron in the hope that they might know!
  2. Cheers for the reply Stev - unfortunately I can't see any such screw - when I realised the rubber grips came off the wheels that's exactly what I was expecting to find too I can't even see a way to bodge it/mod it myself because the gearing looks quite engineered - again if anyone knows somewhere to get parts like that I'd be grateful to find out!
  3. I recently purchased the Skywatcher Autofocuser for my Celestron 102GT after reading someone on here had fitted one successfully to his 102GT (though for the life of me I can't find the post!!). I've taken the focuser assembly apart and have the wheels/bar out - but I can't seem to remove the thumbwheels from the bar despite using a fair bit of turning force. Does anyone know how this or Celestron's in general bar/wheel arrangement is fastened together and offer advice on how to separate them? Obviously I don't want to apply too much force and bend or break the bar as I'd be without any means of focusing then! Also does anyone know a place to get spares/parts for Celestron telescopes? Maybe somebody sells just the bar....
  4. A +1 to the questions on whether this was taken with the webcam - it looks extremely sharp and clear for a webcam shot! Good work I've had my webcam for a week now but have yet to have a clear sky
  5. Will do mate, today has been filled with geekery but I'll endeavour to get out in the garage tomorrow Took a few shots of the moon last night inspired by your efforts - nowhere near as good but not bad for a misty night and through the double glazing of the conservatory Moon by lmorgan69a, on Flickr
  6. Inpired by welshrob - took a few pics of the moon with my iPhone, not too good but not too bad either considering this was through double glazing (conservatory) and it's quite a misty night Moon by lmorgan69a, on Flickr Can't wait for the EPs and the rest of the kit to arrive - fingers crossed tomorrow so I can spend some time playing with it over the weekend
  7. Great shot! Lots of detail in the bands. Gives me hope for when my NexImage arrives!
  8. Oh excellent cheers I'll take a gander - I might try and knock up a temporary mount this weekend for some shots of the moon
  9. This is the best I've managed of Jupiter with the iPhone 4S
  10. That's a great shot of the moon, and you did amazingly well to hold it steady enough for Jupiter! I've tried in vain to get a good shot of the moon, trying to position the camera lens to the eyepiece whilst holding on to the goto controller has proven a bit too hard
  11. Unbelievable level of craftmanship involved with this build!!! Looks absolutely amazing - as others have said I've seen worse built homes
  12. Just spent the past two hours reading this entire thread - absolutely superb effort and the results speak for themselves. Hard not to start putting drawings together for my own, and I've only had a scope for a couple of months Favourite photo of the thread is the one of the moon a few pages back - absolutely fantastic. Keep up the excellent work - some more pics of any progress with the warm room interior etc would be great
  13. Can I ask why the astro club meeting wasn't any good? Thinking of going along to one this month
  14. iam


    Superb image, the detail in the cloud is fantastic
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