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  1. hi to all my hommies, here a shot from ROME city Italy of m81 with c11 and focal reducer f/6.3. I had a unlucky meet with my OAG cause i changed the distance of DSLR and guiding camera and in the night was so hard to set up it to work fine so i decied to unguide it and use only the PEC of the CGEM. The time was late cause OAG disaster so i tried 3200iso and 10 sub of 5 minutes each one, just a try... other datas on my blog.... cheers from ROMA! http://eminem2pacblog.blogspot.it/2015/04/deep-sky-m81-1342015.html
  2. Hi to all my friends i'm trying to set my autoguide to get long exposure shots without some moving on the final image at long focal length, it was very difficult to guide in DEC axis cause the backlash at low speed driving, so i corrected a nice bit of backlash with the worm gear spacing and the spur gear motor spacing, and now it works quite cool, this is a test for PHD at 2800mm focal length on m102 3 subs 12.5 minutes each sub with 1200D canon eos unmodified, cheers! here the pic http://eminem2pacblog.blogspot.it/2014/08/deep-sky-m102.html
  3. Hi to all my special homies, Yesterday night i tried for the first time to image a DSO by using guiding mode by ST4! It was fantastic, i'll never forget about that! I'm loving Deep sky imaging so much, i'm an hires imager but right now i bought an ummodded 1200d canon OAG orion deluxe and with my QHY IMG0H i'm going to get autoguided DSO image as soon as i will improve my skill in this world. I got RA error 0.40" and DEC error 0.50" by using PHD guiding and PHD lab to investigate about errors in the log...here my result, please any help/suggest will be apreciated! See you soon and clear skies from italy ROMA! http://eminem2pacblog.blogspot.it/2014/07/deep-sky-m101-1872014.html Here you can find data about the image! Ciaooo
  4. Hi to all my special friends, i just got my new CGEM 1100 and i was fighting against PEC and PECTOOL cause i'm a new DSO imager beginner, so i didn't mind about the problems of tracking at high focal lenght and low brightness so i'm just at the beginning of this beautiful imaging Sector! I also purchased a new canon eos 1200d unmodded and this is the why the color of red/infrared isn't so bright, but i will do the mod next time i can. This pic is about unguided 26 frames each frame 50 seconds exposure, urban Roma, i'm so happy cause this is my first time of DSLR imaging, i hope you'll enjoy that Ciaooo from ROME! M27, CGEM 1100 f/10, Canon EOS 1200d unmodded, stacked 26 frames ISO 6400 exposure 50 seconds, processed with DSS&Iris. http://eminem2pacblog.blogspot.it/2014/07/deep-sky-m27-05072014.html
  5. Hi to all my special friends, these are my first time i try to image these two big objects for a small CCD like the Planetary camera icx618ala, i'm trying to understand the first steps of deep sky imaging cause i'm liking it so much, next week i will get the canon eos 1200d so i hope it will be easy to image large DSO than with a small CCD like the QHY IMG0H cooled, Ciaooo from ROMA!!! M27 http://eminem2pacblog.blogspot.it/2014/06/deep-sky-m27-2862014.html M13 http://eminem2pacblog.blogspot.it/2014/06/m13-first-version-after-stacked-with-dss.html
  6. Hi to all my special friends, here is the first try to get colored DSO image! It was so hard to get right exposure and gain and thus this first try is very good, but i'm happy cause in one week i just learnt the basic rules about beginning DSO imaging with so small ccd sensor(1/4") and so long focal lenght(C8 F10)...cgem work perfectly with good polar alignment and it let me get unautoguided frames about 10s...data of images here on my site! Cheers i miss you! Ciao from ROMA italy! http://eminem2pacblog.blogspot.it/2014/06/deep-sky-m57-2262014.html
  7. Thank you mate for the reply im glad you liked it! I'm sure you ll do better than mine result, just get practice with first easy dso's object and the result will come out cheers
  8. Hi to all my friends, i missed you so much but here i'm Always busy with work and university and the skies weren't so good last days, so after a quite sleeping time about hires imaging i just wanted to try this small ccd sensor cooled with a peltier cell on M57 to get the right answer that i wanted to hear...yes all of us that own a small ccd sensor 1/4" can do pretty DSO images with that...sure you can ask so much from this small sensor but the major planetary nebulaes and small galaxies with some globular clusters can be catched from us...here the link to my blog's images with some data of the pic...best regards my friends see you soon and greetings from Italy ROMA! http://eminem2pacblog.blogspot.it/2014/06/deep-sky-m57.html
  9. thank u hommie for the reply! yes you are right, when seeing is good all of us can do the best with own telescope http://eminem2pacblog.blogspot.it/2012/12/pianeti-giove-12122012_13.html/ in the right corner of the planet, upstairs, you can see GRS raise...
  10. thank you to all hommies! yes img0h is about 2 cameras into one, planetary fast camera and cooled 14bit ADC small ccd for a quickly deepsky's shots...i tried also M57 and M27 dumbell e lyra, they aren't so bright but my img0h catched both of them very well...unfortunally i didn't provide to save the result cause it wasn't so good for wind and seeing...go to buy that...next time i will show others objects! thank u again friends! CIAOO!
  11. hi to all friends, yesterday night i tried to get a shot of orion trapezium, here the pic...this is the first time i try to shot a deep sky object, i hope next time i can do better, ciaooo! http://eminem2pacblog.blogspot.it/2012/12/deep-sky-orion-trapezium.html
  12. Here 2 shots of jupiter, Infrared and WhiteLight with the RGB filters wheel, there was nice seeing helped me to get them, i have got also others Avi's to process i will do after work, best regards friends! Ciaooo http://eminem2pacblog.blogspot.it/2012/12/pianeti-giove-12122012.html
  13. Hi to all my friends, long time ago i sent the last message here cause I was so busy with work and i couldn't get any AVIs about jupiter and also because i changed my Imaging Source DMK618 with the QHY IMG0H, this last is a beautiful camera! Yesterday night seeing was close to poor, the weather like was rainy and after that i tried to get a shot about Jupiter with the new camera, seeing 5-6/10 but the camera worked fine with high framerate and let me to get this shot directly from ROMA! http://eminem2pacblog.blogspot.it/2012/12/pianeti-giove-5122012.html I miss this forum so much and i promise i will come back soon to show you how italian's astronomy imagers work! Ciaoooo
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