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  1. Cheers fellas ....as for patience its not my best asset lol
  2. As others have said go for the dob ..250 PX flextube easy to store easy to transport and biggest bang for your buck ..simples
  3. You say you've not got room for 10 inch dob lol...you can get the 250px flextube ..easy to store easy to transport and will give you the biggest bang for your buck
  4. I'm not a new member ..I used to be on here a few years ago but got fed up with cloudy skies and threw teddy out of cot and flogged everything lol....just thought I'd pop back and get the juices flowing again ..there might be a another scope in the pipeline now I've calmed down lol....anyways I hope your all well and getting clear skies
  5. Just recently had led streetlights installed well shielded and directed...i can now see stars...so yep leds gets my vote.
  6. Unless its a flextube which require regular collimation...but even then its just a tweak.as for bobs knobs makes collimation a doddle
  7. Yes keith will watch it on catch up...but hardly ever missed a episode before they changed the schedule... dont no were i am with it now.
  8. Ha Ha what a muppet i am... this thread was started yesterday must start concentrating ...oh well another episode missed.
  9. Thanks for the info....hardly missed a episode when it was the first sunday in every month... dont no why they changed it.
  10. Surely we cant get a winter like the last one, totally clouded out.i am being a bit of a optimist but think positive....thats my moto
  11. If we do get cloud i would rather have it now,what with the light nights.but lets hope we get a better autumn and winter, so we can get stuck in to some observing
  12. If for purely visual why not go for a 10",goldilocks of scope(not too big not too small easy to store and will give superb views) if finances allow Just be mindfull that a 10" dob is quite a weight but can be separated into two sections making it easier to move However if you want to do ap at a later date then the 8" is the one to go for.....good look with your choice
  13. The seben zoom has had some decent reviews on here and if you decide on a barlow get a good quality
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