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  1. a Team of huskies would indeed be very handy but the upkeep e.g. food etc and housing and the vet bills doesn't seem worthwhile for traversing a total of... 10mins lol but i will keep the idea at my disposal for future reference I just seen Saturn, didn't have a scope, only an old pair of Binoculars, but just knowing that what i would normally have taken for another star was a planet sooooo far away, just made me feel happy like a wow! feeling Anyone else get like that or is it just me?
  2. hey guys, I know i started this topic and haven't been on in a bit but i have been studying for my Physics exam Thanks everyone for all the great replies and the advice in them. I plan on going to the spot i found when out with the dog on my own or with a friend so the mobility issues are pretty secure there with both these scopes i think in reference to the collimating, does this happen often? and how easily repaired is it? cheers guys
  3. hey there, I'm not going to pretend i know anything compared to the guys on here cause they really know their stuff But i would suggest looking in the Tutorials & Primers area? I'm looking to buy my first scope and found a lot of useful info in there. Maybe you could find something to help you Anyway, I hope that helps and you can get back to lol Calum
  4. that sounds more than reasonable to me thanks again Gaz you are literally a fountain of knowledge. If anyone else has any opinions on a first scope or what i should look for please let me know. I want as many opinions as i can get so that i can make an informed decision Thanks all, Calum
  5. Hey guys, Fantastic site I have only recently got into astronomy but I am doing Physics at high school and the whole idea of just, well everything, really mesmerizes me With some advice from Gaz and some other lovely people who have posted i am hopefully going to get my first scope soon Anyway, this may be a possibility for the site (or it may not). But a mobile version of it may be worthwhile? I was off the computer earlier and accessed the site on my mobile phone but the pages were obviously quite large etc. Just an idea but great job guys keep it up
  6. Excellent, The stellarium program could maybe help aswell? with the general direction i should point my scope at and stuff? once again cheers for all your help and everyone else who has posted, everyone has alot of patience and the advice people give is top notch I kept thinking i was asking to many questions and stuff but hey how do you learn otherwise Hopefully i can decide on which one to buy soon and save up the cash but a quick question; The two scopes i have been thinking about what size are they and how heavy are they? Cause I am looking for a scope that i can maybe carry for 5/10 mins to a spot i noticed earlier when out with the dog lol
  7. wouldn't it be handy if it could tell you where and when the clouds were gonna be lol anymahoo, What's you opinion Gaz on a beginner like myself getting a GOTO? Do you think i should go without for a while till i find my feet with everything?
  8. Hey Casus, i downloaded Stellarium it's pretty impressive thanks a bunch for letting me know about it this may be an idiotic question to ask but i gotta do it The location you set it for, in my case Glasgow, is that an accurate image of what is currently happening? like actually what the stars etc. are doing as i watch it on here? virtual slaps for being a noob accepted lol
  9. it sounds as if the GOTO would be a better idea for me as it would be able to guide me a bit and inform me since i dont know much about what im looking at the moment. This may be a really silly question but does the GOTO come with the motor/tracker ? Lol Cheers
  10. cheers Gaz, you've been a great help I think i can safely say i know more about scopes now I read some of the other topics, the primers etc just to find out some more information and KK's thread helped a bunch I was also wondering if there is a minimum price you should spend on a scope? What would you say is the minimum amount a decent scope should cost? thanks
  11. So for exmple say i was looking at erm.. Mars through my scope with the 10mm i assume the image would be quite good but what would happen if i were to change to the 20mm. Would the image be smaller or larger? and what would happen to the clarity? cheers and to Dogfish Whats the difference between the GoTo version and the scope i orginally mentioned? and is the price range the same as it?
  12. so in this case with the f/500 would a 10mm eyepiece give a result 50x magnification and with the x2 Barlow give me 100 times magnification? or am i totally missing the point here? also, if i were to change the eyepiece to say 20 mm would my image be less clear but closer up? or am i in the wrong? once again cheers
  13. excellent, couple more questions that i think you could help me with. 1. what is a Barlow lens? (or x2 Barlow lens in this case) 2. 114mm f/500 Motorised Parabolic Newtonian Reflector Whats does this mean? 3. Red dot finder, what does this do? Cheers if you can help, I just dont want to buy something not knowing what it actually does but sounds cool lol.
  14. cheers, looks like a scope then was also wodering how much heat affects the images? if i were to gaze from my garden would the image be noticably worse than if i were to pay a visit to the fields nearby? thanks for the help Calum
  15. Hey there, I've only really started getting into Astronomy in the last few weeks but have always been really interested in physics so I am looking to purchase my first piece of equipment I have been looking at various different scopes such as the Skyhawk 1145PM or the Skywatcher reflector 130PM but as i don't really know much i was wondering which scope would be the 'best buy'. I also had a look at some binoculars around the same price range but will they get the same results as a scope? I'd prefer one that is fairly easy to set up and can be transported easily enough. Obviously I'm not expecting the most spectacular images out there but even just to see various planets and get a good glimpse at some interesting stuff. All help and advice welcome and if you know of a better scope please let me know thanks a bunch, Calum (The breakout)
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