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  1. Sharp cap aligned but still trials

    Could it be due to the clocks going back an hour?
  2. ESO announcement

    Ermm, roll on Monday
  3. New tent

    You can do other stuff on them. We like to keep it simple, dont need or want a gas stove and all the other stuff that goes with it
  4. New tent

    Now you need a decent charcoal BBQ We tend to become real carnivores when camping, with just a little salad stuff added, and of course, just the odd bottle of vino rosso or three We have a large seasoned cast iron fry pan and pot that also goes on the BBQ too, works a treat
  5. Budget astronomy

    All of my kit is second hand, and I started basic with an old Tal-1, then upgraded to the 6" Orion on a EQ3 mount The 10" dod build took a few months to source all the bits, and a bodge here and there to make it all work Both brought very cheaply along the road were the ST80 and the Evo 90 Then came an old push pull 125mm frack, now upgraded with a SW focuser from a SW 120 Last on the list, and quite recent was the EQ6 mount, brought from a member here Cost wise, over the years that's about 1k spent, but then I am a tight git
  6. SkySafari 5+ Price drop

    Plus version is fine for most, has telescope control. Pro has a much larger database You might want to take a look at Virtuoso Telescope too (free) can hook into both skysafari and stellarium (stella via laptop)
  7. SkySafari 5+ Price drop

    Don't forget, you can also get Stellarium (works with GPS too) for just £2.99 Go on John, get both, you know you want to
  8. SkySafari 5+ Price drop

    The plus will run fine, don't know about the pro version, see no reason why not Running the + version on the nexus 7 which has the same android version as yours
  9. SkySafari 5+ Price drop

    Price drop again, down to £6.99 And Pro down too £17.99
  10. Guiding OTA kit recommendations / advice

    With your mount, the ST80 as a guider with the 150pds will be fine, why spend more on kit you don't really need
  11. Telescope buying scam.

    Scam ads are easy to spot. Just drag the picture into the google search bar, and it will show you the original source
  12. Auto guiding with a web cam

    Entry level ZWO will do as a guide cam
  13. Ipad or andriod tablet

    Ah, Lightbox, that's the one Synscaninit was the reason for going with andriod as not available on ios
  14. Personally, I would want to clean it, that's just a tad more than a light dusting