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Frank the Troll

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  1. Frank the Troll

    Bargin 10x50 Bins

    In Lidi stores now
  2. Frank the Troll

    Show Us Your Binoculars.

    Recently brought. Celestron Ultma DX 9x63 Also have a really old pair of Tohyoh 16x50 (coated)
  3. Frank the Troll

    New Feature - Clubs

    Is there enough demand to have one for Somerset?
  4. Overpriced novelty toy for the non informed parents to buy their kids at x-mas Once unwrapped and used maybe twice, it will sit in the bedroom somewhere gathering dust Well overpriced, could buy a much better frac and a budget colour ZWO then mount on a SW Star Adventurer or similar for half the price
  5. Frank the Troll

    Fake Ads

    Anyone know these two names: Both associated with airdavs.com registered in Athens Leonardo Noris Antonios Davris
  6. Frank the Troll

    Fake Ads

    Quite a few fake telescope ads on ebay this morning, all now reported Idiot is using a tyre company and using contact at sale@airdavs.com He's been quiet for awhile, but back in earnest it seems
  7. Let your eyepieces cool down too. Will take less time than the scope though
  8. Frank the Troll

    Who wants a new Holiday Home? Anyone?

    SOLD (I wish) Now if only he could hold onto it for another 5 years, when we are off to pastures new
  9. Frank the Troll

    40mm plossl for sale

    Dave I will take the SW SP 32mm off your hands (would take both but have a 40) Payment by paypal as gift if that's ok Cheers Frank
  10. Frank the Troll


    Cheers Peter. It's an old old tripod so not really worth doing that Cheers Rich Still have the mount, so will give the dovetail option a wiz Pass on tracking ducks though, want the pan and tilt, much quicker on the wildlife here
  11. Frank the Troll


    Ideas needed to convert an EQ3-2 tripod, for sole use as a camera/binocular tripod Is there a way to fit a tilt & pan head?
  12. Frank the Troll

    AstroMaster Tripod (AZ Tilt & Pan)

    Still looking
  13. Frank the Troll

    TAL 100R price?

    It does say its on a German equatorial mount, and that tripod does look much like a berleach So seems a bargain to me
  14. Frank the Troll

    What did the postman bring?

    Finally, after myhermes sorted their act out A pair of Celestron 9x63 Ultima Binoculars Used, but a bargain at £95 and in absolutely mint condition Cheers Tim
  15. Frank the Troll

    F10 apo's?

    There are, but your going to need deep pockets http://www.zerochromat.net/price-and-contact.html

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