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  1. Affinity Photo £48 lifetime licence They currently have a sale on £24
  2. Thank you Andy, rawtherappe look rarther intresting
  3. What free NEF to Jpeg converters options are there for win 10 Cheers Frank
  4. Plenty on fleabay , much much cheaper, plus they have the upgraded crapolongometre fitted
  5. Hi Is this a one-off event or a regular event? I Have a 10" your welcome to either borrow if a one-off, or swap should you wish
  6. Pretty much most of my kit has breen brought second hand from this forum, and have had no problems When selling off items I then want to pass on to fund other items, I drop the price from what I paid for it, and some have had bargins, would rather someone made use of it, than end up just gathering dust or rust I just wish peeps that want to sell stuff I want, not do it so often, my wish list is already long enough
  7. Frankincense is a natural anti bacterial and anti viral agent
  8. They have toned it down abit, use to be sold as Balkan 181
  9. This will sort you out, you can keep it in the frezzer, it doesn't freeze, and comes out thickish, ps, it has quite a kick, https://www.thedrinkshop.com/item/1700/balkan-bajika-vodka-176
  10. And another local, Im nr Somerton
  11. I have a choice between a Tamron 70-300 F4.5.6 or a Sigma 70-300 f4.5.6 Is there much difference, which would be the better choice
  12. A little zoom, Nikon 28-100mm f/3.5-5.6
  13. Havn't seen a clear night in ages, my fault for getting a new scope
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