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  1. Polar scope camera and software...

    Ps, If you find that Sharpcap doesn't work or cant find the SPC990. Install the .NET framework from Microsoft, and then re-boot https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=55170&desc=dotnet47 Sharpcap will then find the camera
  2. Polar scope camera and software...

    I put mine on a little finder, don't have a goto as yet so a quick rough alignment is all I need When I get the goto, will be putting it on the polar scope
  3. Polar scope camera and software...

    I have the Philips SPC900 and it works well with Sharpcap, so try it out
  4. Nikon DSLR camera.

    If you want cheap to play with planetary to get you started, FLO have this https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-cameras/zwo-asi034mc-usb-2-colour-camera.html
  5. I have a back problem too. and use a trolley with 5" air tires for the 10" Dob. Have had no problems with collimation
  6. Polar scope camera and software...

    Also check out this program POLARFINDER V2.04 By Dr.Jason Dale http://myastroimages.com/Polar_FinderScope_by_Jason_Dale/
  7. Nikon DSLR camera.

    Try MPB.com and Camera Jungle they have some cheap ones. There's one in the "For Sale" section on here for £115 As for modded, doubt you will find one with your budget, cheapest here is £185 and that's just a basic mod http://cheapastrophotography.vpweb.co.uk/Available-Cameras.html
  8. 35mm Nikon die-hard upgrading

    Cheers Tony The D7200 looks out of my pocket range, its needs to be sub £500 Have booked marked both MPB.com and Camera Jungle, and keeping an eye out on flea bay. Not in a rush as need to wait for Sept for funds For the canon choice I may drop to the 700d or 750d as I may also go for a cheap ZWO for both imagining and as a guide camera on the ST80 As for the D5500 & 760D choice, will be doing some window shopping during the next week to see how they feel hands on.
  9. Camera for dobs

    I'm deciding between a Nikon D5500 and a Canon 760D both have touch screen and Wi-Fi The Nikon has the edge in that it has no optical LP filter and is a bit cheaper with a built intervalometer The Canon has better support and cheaper lenses You could of course go for a modded camera But using a dob, then forget it, without auto tracking it isn't possible on DSO's or much else for that matter A dob is best suited for visual, and would need a top end goto/tracking mount to take DSO's pics
  10. Bluestacks

    Does anyone know if you can control a mount using Sky Safari within Bluestacks on a normal PC ? Using Safari on the iphone is blooming hard on the eyes, and I really don't want to pay out for an Ipad
  11. A few more bits and bobs

    Pm sent Martin re Bluetooth
  12. Old EQ6 needs new home SOLD

    Pm sent Martin
  13. Old EQ6 needs new home SOLD

    If you could wait until Sept, I will take it off your hands
  14. 35mm Nikon die-hard upgrading

    Thanks for that Steve Looking at those apps, it seems the controlMyNikon is the better option, they also do the canon version too The plus for me on the Nikon is that it doesn't have the optical low-pass filter, and has a built in intervalometer Cant decide between the two, until I get hands on
  15. 35mm Nikon die-hard upgrading

    We shall see, need hands on As someone who is so use to totally manual, and developing your own 35mm negs and then printing in the darkroom, its going to be quite a learning curve