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  1. Not finding anything in the camera settings or manual that helps
  2. I put a t ring on my nikon D5500, hook it up to the scope, but shutter button presses down, but doesnt release, so wont take a shot Makes no difference what mode camera is in, cant be the camera, as a teleconverter works just fine Is it the wrong t-ring, it said nikon when I brought it. I can view through the scope with the camera, but cant take a photo Any ideas ?
  3. Dave,let me know how they fit, I have a 9x63 celestron
  4. Be silly not too at the current silly price, even at full price they are still a bargin
  5. I have photo, Im considering getting designer too
  6. Change the colour of the font, that blue is making it hard to read
  7. Hopefully as lockdown is eased,you can pop over to me
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