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  1. I had mine on my 130pm, had no problems at all. FF
  2. Hi Paul, the Pocket Atlas has the Telrad's circles printed to scale on the first page, and I've made a simple template which overlays the pages. The PA also shows many of the dimmer stars not shown on the charts, which helps me to star hop. FF
  3. I can only echo what others have said about the Telrad. Since fitting one on my Dob I don't think I've used the finder scope at all. I have also made a dew shield similar to karlo's and it works a treat. These are a couple of the charts I use http://www.rasc.ca/im/observing/finestngc.pdf http://www.custerobservatory.org/Messiecharts/Messier_Telrad_Charts.pdf along with Sky & Telescopes Pocket sky Atlas. FF
  4. I got zero, perfect colour vision. So now I know there's nothing wrong with my eyes, I'm just rubbish at finding things!
  5. I have the same scope and have noticed this also. However, on the 2 occasions I've managed to use the scope all has seemed fine. FF
  6. This is my simple solution to raising the height of the Dob. (click to enlarge) (click to enlarge) It's an old Ikea table I had lying around. Made some holes for the feet & centre bolt to sit in, so the base lies completely flat on it with no movement at all. Cut the legs down to the required length, and they screw on so can be adjusted if the ground's not perfectly level. The base is almost made to measure for the 10" Skyliner, being 55cm across and the Dob base diameter 52mm. It's very strong, I've stood on it to change light bulbs etc, very light, adjustable and portable, and it cost me nothing. They still do these tables for about £8 I think. FF
  7. Hi Halle, welcome to SGL. I'm sure we've all made mistakes, but the good thing is there are plenty of people on this forum to point you in the right direction. FF
  8. That sounds brilliant. I have got to find a real dark site, feels like I'm missing out on a lot just viewing from my back garden. FF
  9. Welcome to SGL treetops. FF
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