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  1. that blur effect actually came from my smart phone. here's the original
  2. warp speed out of the solar system 10X60, 640 iso canon 60D, 200mmf/2.8
  3. Well I finally found time during 2 clear nights to use my Astrodon 5nm H-alpha filter for the first time. Data acquired on 12.4 and 12.5 on the HH Flame and CA nebula. About 2 hours of integration for each target, imaged with the Canon 200mm f/2.8 and Atik 314. I tend to post process with the touch of a blacksmith, so might not be the prettiest images to some, but this filter is absolutely amazing!
  4. I do use the Geoptik. Here's a quick video of the adapter to lens, with 1.25" HA filter threaded in. You can use 2" in this adapter if needed. geoptik_to_lens.wmv
  5. A Bahtinov mask helps. This was shot with the 200mm f/2.8 with that microfucser and bahtinov mask. Even with a HA filter in the train, I can get nice diffraction spikes with enough exp bin combo: foucisng 200mmf2.8withmask.wmv
  6. I personally love the 200mm f2.8, which I always shoot wide opne. With the help of a microfocuser, I can get sharp, pinpoint stars edge to edge. I am currently using the lens coupled to the Atik 314. Although this is not the ideal combination in temrs of image scale, I can still achieve nice round stars and the FOV is decent. When m tired of using ccd's, I'll throw the lens on the DSLR for some really wide views, and the reults are superb. For under $1,000 USD, this lens is the best option for fast, wide field imaging on a budget, although the geoptik adapter will add to the cost. Here's my se
  7. Cost is the barrier for me and I would think the same for most amateurs. Isn't this camera retail roughly 3K USD? For that price, I'd expect regulated cooling and a few more bells and whistles. Not sure what this dslr has to offer at that price point compared to the current ccd market (besides chip size). Even though Sony and Kodak prevent any kind truly competitve pricing, there is a poisitve trend for innovation which I hope will cut cost in production.
  8. I'm curious to see how much more detail I can pick on a better seeing night.
  9. I is a joy to work with. Although I miss the finer detail of smaller pixels, the batch processing is a breeze with the smaller file sizes. I am relaly itching to get some RGB filters soon
  10. 2nd go with the Atik 314. First time I Imaged with a 200mmf2.8 lens. Now I'm trying with the 80mm refractor. 39X190 sec, bin 1x1, -20c. Uv/Ir cut. DSS to Pixinsight. It was really humid and hazy seeing conditions but am pleased with results. Hoping to at more data and the soon. Thank you. Questions comments welcome.
  11. Thank you. I am definitely not a surgeon when it comes to processing, more like a blacksmith. I decided to try it again with a more appropriate perspective.
  12. Wow. I agree with Tim, M63 is my favorite.
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