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  1. That's really good to know, i will work out how to update and do it. Thank you.
  2. So if i update to v3.37 it will work no matter what mount? Thanks for your help mate.
  3. I have just turned on my handheld and it says on the screen: >>SynScan AZ<< Ver.03.08 is this right for my scope? I have attached a pic of the mount that looks like mine as my scope is at another address at the moment. I'm wondering if I fixed my problem 2 years ago and Iforgot that I already done it. Thanks again.
  4. I was using a synscan goto telescope, a p130, I went to update the software on the hand controller and messed it up by adding the EQ mount software by mistake and when I come to use the scope it would try to point towards the floor and get into a position that my mount/tripod wouldn't allow, I think I need to update the hand computer to AZ mount software, does anybody know where to get the update and how to do it? Sorry for not being more precise with my problem, its been years since I used it and need to get it working again, I have been using skywatcher bins 20x80 but need toget my sco
  5. Hi, I am looking to buy a new camera/binoculars tripod and would like some recommendations. It will have to be quite tall when extended as I'm almost 6" tall and as you know when using bins it can be quite uncomfortable. Also, is there an extension bar that could make it taller or some kind of add-on that can add a re-positionable arm to it (kind of like a mic stand) for when sitting in a reclining chair. something like this Thanks
  6. Thanks for all of your comments, I bought the canon ef-s 55-200mm f/4.0 I think it will be ok for me as a new user of DSLR cameras, I have just bought the canon 1100d with 18-55mm lens and I also got a good wireless timer/shutter from eBay for just £30.
  7. Hi, just a quick question what's the difference between an f/4.0 lens and an f/2.8 lens? Is just just that the 2.8 will be better in low light? Thanks. Just in case it's needed, I was referring to the canon EF 70-200mm F/2.8 & F/4.0.
  8. I have just bought this same camera, what is the reason for covering the viewfinder? and by covering it, does that mean just block it with something to stop light getting in? Thanks
  9. Hi, I bought a canon 1100D DSLR camera today. I bought it because of the recommendations on this site, I have not used it much but I am very happy with it. Could anyone recommend some decent lenses for it, I want a decent zoom lens and a fish eye lens and any others that you might recommend for me to look at. I know they are not needed for astronomical photos but would like a few. I also don't have much money do good value would be a help. Thanks
  10. Thanks Gina, I bought one from cirrus today with a 55mm lens for £305 and I have claimed £30 cash back and £13 back on Quidco. I only tried it for ten mins before work and now can't wait to go home, only problem is that I'm back in tomorrow morning so will not be able to try it properly until Sunday morning. From what I have seen of it I am very happy. Can anyone recommend some good lenses (but not to expensive) that I can use with it. I'm looking for some good effects, fish eye etc and a good zoom lens. Thanks
  11. Thanks everyone. Photosbykev, thanks for letting my know about the software too. Looks like I need to find a cheap 1100d :-)
  12. I am thinking of buying a new camera for general use but one that will also be capable of astro photography. There seems to be a lot of threads on here that mention this camera, would I be correct in thinking that this will be good enough for DSO and planetary imaging? I also like the accessories that you can get, mainly the remote shutter release. Also on a side note, I have a MacBook and a windows laptop, what would be the best one to use, software wise and also could I connect the 1100D to a computer to get the live image on the screen or is that mot possible? Thank you.
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