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  1. Well Birmingham City Council have already started to install LED street lighting. There are in the process of changing all 95,000 lights in the city to LED to cut emissions. They are doing the road round the corner but they've only put the poles in at the minute but it looks like the poles from other LED lighting I've seen.. They are suppose to stop light going upwards so maybe it's a good thing?
  2. Hi, If I fit a EQ5 upgrade kit, the proper GOTO product. Would it invalidate the warranty of the mount? Thanks
  3. I have joined an Astro group. But as of yet the weather hasn't been suitable for observing nights which is a shame. There's no rush so I'm prepared to wait, I've been deciding on a scope for 4 months alone!
  4. Thanks for all your help. I'm going to order a 200P, as I know I'll always be wondering if I buy a 150P.. In regards to the eyepieces I'll take your advice and hang on before I go down that route. Thanks again
  5. Thank you. Sorry for so many questions but what about the EP's? From what I've read one of them that comes with the scope is quite poor. Any recommended purchases?
  6. rwilkey: It's the normal 150P f/5. I have seen the size of both. The 200P is quite a bit larger but isn't all that heavy and storage can be found.
  7. Hi, I stuck between a 200P-EQ5 or a 150P-EQ3-2. My question is how much difference is there between the two when it comes to visual observing. Is the 200P a big jump up regarding DSO's etc? I'm stumped on which of the two to buy..
  8. Really puts things into perspective. Only beings in the universe? Surely not....
  9. Thanks for your quick and in depth reply's They certainly don't make It an easy decision with all this choice!
  10. Yeah the same here. I had a couple in the space of 5 mins.
  11. Hi, I going to purchase a SW 200P and I've been looking at the options available regarding the mount. I would ideally like a GOTO mount. I'm aware that you can purchase the 200P with an EQ5 with GOTO. However I would like to dabble with Astrophotography at some point and I've read various post on here that the CG5-GT is a slightly better mount than the EQ5. I know everyone will say that the HEQ5 is the way to go with photography but that price range is a no go I'm afraid. What are peoples opinions on the CG5-GT?
  12. That looks like an interesting site
  13. Are there still a good number of people at the event? I was going to pop down this afternoon and see what it's all about.
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