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  1. I currently use a Hyperion Zoom, which does away with carrying multiple eyepieces around. I find it works very well and have done some reasonable eyepiece projection photography with it.
  2. Clouds and rain down here, right until just after the end of the transit, when the rain stopped and the sun came out. Grr!
  3. It could just be down to the seeing on the night. Some nights look great yet produce poor images. Try putting the image into registax and playing with the wavelets function.
  4. I had a similar issue. I complained that it was shining into my property and they fitted a shield to it. It makes a difference, although there is still some glare. Unfortunately, the new LED type has rendered my Baader Neodymium light pollution filter somewhat obsolete.
  5. I can recommend this : http://www.green-witch.com/green-witch-scope-cover-1642-p.asp
  6. Blimey, this is an old thread of mine that's reappeared! As you can see from my signature, I went with the NEQ6 in the end. It's heavy, but fits in the car and does its job as required.
  7. You might find this useful : http://www.deepskywatch.com/Articles/what-can-i-see-through-telescope.html
  8. Yeah, if you have this focusser, I can recommend the autofocusser (although it's actually a remote control, it isn't automatic).
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpIteLt3xcw answered my own question while googling for an in-stock source...
  10. Was thinking of getting an auto focuser for my 80 ED. It looks like it has a standard Skywatcher focuser, but I was just wondering if anybody else had experience of attaching one to an 80 ED?
  11. I know that feeling. I also usually find that after weeks of cloud, on the one night it's clear you've got something else on. As I have to travel to set up my kit, I have to be able to plan ahead to some extent. This all means that I'm lucky if I can use it 6 or 7 nights of the year at the moment.
  12. I should also add that the Baader Zoom was initially at 24mm, but once I had centred Jupiter I took it down to 8mm before adding the camera.
  13. Very nice shots! I hope my future efforts will live up to that. I've just bought an ED80, with the intention of using my ST80 for guiding. I'm wondering what settings you used for the images (ISO etc)?
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