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  1. Sorry for double post, maybe the EQ5 pro syncscan GOTO?
  2. Thank you for the information. I have always star hopped my way around the sky. Although I like the idea of a goto, I have used celestrons nx series telescopes with them and I thought they are really good, although, sometimes you could see them being kicked by their owners for not aligning onto the star or slewing in different directions. So to answer your question umadog, I guess il trade in for a goto either, AZ or EQ, when I know them to be accurate enough.
  3. Thankyou, I guess il just have to star hop, I think when I trade in some day il get a goto dob and upgrade probably to a 250 flex tube.
  4. Hello astro folks, Im back afer being away from a long spell, I had to sell my previous few telescopes as unfortunately I was out of work, however, now back in work and having saved a few pennys im now a proud owner of a sky watcher 200p (8") dob. I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade these to auto tracking with its current flat base mounting. Or would I have to buy new mountings etc.... thanks in advanced
  5. Hi and welcome, another bristolian here! Cider me up.
  6. The Baader Hyperion 8-24mm Clickstop Zoom, £169 from flo is a brilliant piece of kit. Better quality than the eye piece kits for a few extra pounds. Would strongly recommend for first time buyers purchasing fast newts.
  7. Get a zoom lens, £160 and much better quality than any eye piece kit
  8. Iv been doing this for ten years or so. I enjoy summer observing, warm nights, good for the far end of the milkyway disc, nebulas can have more definition due to the low moon during the early summer months.
  9. You got to give mars time, at the moment it's coming into opposition, two of three clear nights and one of them will usually give good views, filters are useful, I use various filters, but the best views iv had is using no filters through my 8" newt , I use a 10mm eye piece, my scope is f5.
  10. I completely agree, I own one of these to... Very good quality on any type of scope !
  11. Well the newt will give better dso for obs, but to be honest you wouldn't be able to really tell, the newt is a faster scope than the 8se, the 8se is auto goto as well, although if you're thinking about basic imaging the sct will be slightly better, 8se for planetary obs and the newt for dso's. Although no scope had all the answers, plus the 200p is a lot cheaper id probably go for that, with it being on a dobsonian mount also makes the scope steadier than the 8se, both are fine scopes with very good optics.
  12. Maybe a 250PX solid dob, a 32mm 20mm 15mm a 10mm and a Barlow plus a filter. Sorted.
  13. See what you all really need is an Android phone. It even makes the hot coffee for observing
  14. Yeah, i settled there a few years back. Had to come back to Earth eventually to pay my electric bill. Nice place, take some swimming trunks.
  15. They are all friendly Aliens; if they wanted to take over this world, they would have done so before humans invented weapons.
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