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  1. Hi, I've just got a couple of questions regarding this. Will it take a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone? Are they any good? I'm not expecting top notch Astrophotography I just want simple shots of The Moon and Planets etc. I don't fancy forking out £60 if they're useless! Cheers.
  2. Well done to Shane for the Collimation and Star Hopping talks, they were very helpful and I think I actually learned something. Also thanks to Shane and pals who came to our rescue and gave our old Corsa a push to get us out of Saturn field yesterday afternoon. It was hard work. Cheers!
  3. Hi all. Just a quick question. Is there anywhere on site to recharge Powertanks?
  4. Yep, I agree totally. I spent ages looking at Saturn last night and the amount of detail was amazing. Bands, Cassini Division, shadows from the rings etc. Great night!
  5. Good point about the plastic. That would be a problem, i didn't think about that.
  6. I went to Jodrell Bank a few months ago. Good day out and the Telescope is impressive. It could probably do with a few more activities but there were plenty of kids there who all seemed to be enjoying it.
  7. A few years ago i used to work with CNC Laser cutters. We cleaned all the optics on them (Mirrors, Output Windows etc) using Lens Tissue and a couple of drops of Acetone. This method cleaned them up well and i can't see why it wouldn't work with telescope optics and filters. As mentioned above though, it may be worth checking with the manufacturer first.
  8. I know the feeling, not had my Scope out since May. I said i wasn't going to bother over the next couple of months but i'm tempted to try a couple of hours tonight as the weather doesn't look too bad. Plenty of time for that to change though.
  9. I've only had my Scope for about 2 months now and i think I've used it 3 times. I've decided to give up for the next couple of months and try again in September. I might start learning something then. I'm not wishing away the summer though. The weather might be awful but at least it's warm and i can sit around in a pair of shorts and have a few cheeky beers!
  10. I've got a subscription with The Sky At Night and as most people have said on here it's very good for the beginner. The Coverdisc is very useful and the magazine itself is great to read without getting too deep. I've also tried a couple of issues of Astronomy Now which is very good but seems more technical and covers items in more depth. So from a novice's viewpoint i chose The Sky At Night subscription.
  11. I'm a newbie and picked a copy of The Backyard Astronomers Guide up a couple of months ago. It's a great book, well written and illustrated.
  12. Clear skies forecast for here from 22.00 tonight. I might get first light on my new scope. I won't hold my breath though.
  13. They're quality images. Well done.
  14. I agree with taking a look at Urban Stargazing by Rod mollise. I'm trying to teach myself the basics and got a copy from the Library. It's a good book with plenty of helpful information and tips.
  15. I saw a couple of stars before but it's cloudy again now. I ordered a Scope yesterday so i'm not expecting any clear skies for the next 2 months now.
  16. I've got a pair of 10 x 50 Bins that i've been using to find my way around the skies. They were second hand from Ebay. Not great but good enough for now as i'm not too bothered about what the objects look like through them as i'm more concerned with learning the art of star hopping and the constellations. I thought it would be better to have a rough idea of the skies before taking the plunge and forking out for a Scope. I will definitely have a Scope for the party though ,and a million questions no doubt. Glad to hear that i won't be the only newbie there!
  17. Great stuff that was what i was hoping. It will be a good learning curve, skies permitting!
  18. I've booked on this. Looking forward to it as it'll be my first star party. Just need to sort a Scope out now and get a basic grasp of what i'm looking at.
  19. I can see Polaris but i've struggled with Ursa Minor. It could be that i'm still a complete novice though. I'll keep looking!
  20. Not been on here long but i find SGL excellent. The place is very friendly and there's a lot of information on here. I've not posted much yet as i tend to use the search facility for any threads that might have the answers to my questions. That will change when i eventually get my Scope though, no doubt i will need some help and advice! Great site and keep up the good work!
  21. As a newbie who is trying to learn the night sky with a pair of bins, i've found wearing one of them inflatable neck pillows that you use on flights helps. It's a bit more comfortable when i'm observing. I look ridiculous though!
  22. That's great. Thanks for the replies.
  23. Before observing is it a good idea to put a pair of bins outside to allow the optics to cool as you would do with a scope or can you start straight away? I'm a newbie to all this so any info would be greatly appreciated! Cheers Mike
  24. Kuff dam


    Hello everyone. I'm a complete beginner to all this. I've decided to buy some used Bins and try and find my way around the stars to get a feel for the hobby before i decide to take the plunge and get a Scope. The amount of information out there on the net and in books is unreal, i've spent the last few weeks reading everything and trying to get a rough idea. Mind blowing! Great site by the way. Cheers Mike
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