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  1. Thanks to everyone for a warm welcome and some great advice. just down loaded and installed Stallarium. looks good. Re a budget.... maybe in the region of £200 as starters. and i've only come up with that figure after looking at a few telescopes in Amazon. Just had a call from my daughters boyfriend. He has a telescope that he never uses. (not sure of model at the mo) He's going to drop it off for me at weekend. I'll let you all know what it is. It may be good enough for me to really get the bug. If not i'll go for something more substantial. but i think it's wise to start low i'm sure you'll all agree. Just looked outside, it's raining in Sunny Stockport.
  2. Hi all, I'm Tony. Fire Officer for Stockport Council. I live in Offerton Stockport. Brand new to this site and Astronomy. Used to watch Sir Patrick as kid. Watched the recent Star gazer programmes with Prof Brian Cox. So i decided to try and find out more. I only have one book.... 'Home Reference Library Astronomy' and a pair of small binoculars. My son downloaded the Google Sky Map App onto my HTC. Ha ha now i am completely hooked. I was looking at Telescopes on Amazon and came accross BlinneOrlaith who had made comments on the The Celestron 130EQ. I am still very keen on getting this scope, unless of course another better one could be recommended. BlinneOrlaith (are you still on here?) recommended this website. So here I am and very keen on learning more. I'm from Stockport and unfortunately we don't have an Astronomical Society here. I'm thinking of going to maccastro initially. I have met a likeminded person in Stockport who has set up a website called skastro.org it really is in the very early stages and we are hoping to get people to join and also give us advice etc. and who know's one day Stockport may have it's own Astro Society. In the mean time i will be very happy to chat with you experts and learn so much more than i know now. Incidentally, i saw jupiter for the first time the other night as my App showed me where it was. i used my small binoculars and could swear i saw one of it's moons. I've driven my family bonkers with that discovery i now need to see the other moon Tony
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