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  1. Hello, I have a similar setup to you and I distrussed the standard 10mm and 25mm that came with my Heritage. I got a Sky-Watcher 6mm UltraWide EyePiece and a Tal x2. These are both good, but i find that i still generally use the supplied 25mm the most, and use it with the Talx2. I think the 10mm is pretty poor quality, (but the 25mm is quite good actually). Steve
  2. I took a video a couple of months ago of the moon with a spc900 and my Heritage. At 14 seconds, an object wizz's across LHS. I guess this happens alot to people and its just a satellite.
  3. Hi all, Got clear skys on Saturday, so decided to have a go with my web cam. I am using a Heriitage 130P, a Phillips SPC900 and Sharpcap. I have had problems focusing the camera. The general advice seems to be to use a x2 Barlow, but i just couldnt get the webcam closer enough to the secondary, even moving the flexitube in slightly. I am guessing that its the Barlow. It was the freeby one given when i bought the scope from scope'n'skies. However, if i just connect the webcam straight into the eyepiece holder, and move the flexitube in about 10mm it focuses fine. I took several, slightly wobb
  4. Hi Dean, I finished making a shield for the 130P on Monday!. Yes it does help. I have quite bad light pollution from the edge of my town, and a neighbours garden floodlight. As for a table, I decided to use my old Workmate. Its quite stable and nearly perfect hight. http://www.flickr.com/photos/30782034@N07/6761553105/ Steve
  5. Hi Dean, I purchased a Heritage 130P just after Christmas, so i'm a new to this too. So far I am very pleased with it. (I had a telescope many years ago, i think it was a 6" reflector of debious make and design. I never got it to work properly, and after many years of it sitting in a cupboard, i sold it.) Now, some 15 years later I am revisting the sky!. The weather has stopped me viewing for many nights, but Jupiter and her moons, Orion Nebular and The Pleiades in Taurus have been amazing. The standard 25mm Ep is great, and my EP of choice. The 10mm Ep is not so good. I bought last week a 6m
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