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  1. The weather was Rubbish but the people make an event.....well done to the organisers for their efforts inspite of the weather. Thanks to Shane for his contribution and to the UKAI lads for the entertainment, prizes and for being very approachable
  2. Ok, ok...I lied....it's cold, wet, miserable and blanket cloud ;(
  3. Well, the weather gods are on our side.......dried up, clouds have all but gone and crystal clear
  4. Decided to stock up on beer.....considering whether or not to just bring a skeleton kit as the weather forecast looks grim ;(
  5. Seems to be a bit of interest looking at the membership already. No offence Taken Gina, just a bit surprised by some of the negativity. Still, horses for courses I use several Facebook groups and find they compliment the main Astro sites very nicely.
  6. Perish the thought........might get flamed for that too You'd think I'd murdered someone....not offered an invite to anybody who may be interested
  7. That's fine...it's an invite, not an order and it's not meant to take away from SGL, merely to give people another option
  8. Because lots of people use Facebook too
  9. I noticed that there isn't a Facebook group aimed at home observatories, so I have created one if any would like to join. It'll be a place to show off your observatories, discuss future builds, show us your build in progress, ask for advice. Feel free to join BACKYARD ASTRO-SHEDS Regards Craig
  10. Better start sorting out my stuff. Come on weekend.....be clear, be dark and be kind to all us Astro bunnies.
  11. You have my pitch Rae.....I have moved to Mars 1
  12. Kerry...Change of pitch for me....I'm still in Mars but I am now Pitch 1.
  13. Let's hope it's clear so we can see this: http://www.darkskytelescopehire.co.uk/watch-a-rare-triple-shadow-transit-on-jupiter-this-october-12th/
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