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  1. Your call either way. The most complex of all super dynamic system is the conscious mind, it's interesting to pay attention to those storm systems.
  2. :-) it was genuine. It means the door is open for further discussion on your terms. Either that happens or it doesn't I'm easy whichever.
  3. You have just described a predictable weather system within limits, where does chaos theory fit into that? . It says that anything can and will happen, so the inputs into the system are ultimately unquantifiable, but this isn't true because we say that it is between limits. So there is an element of chaos and certainty in all super dynamic systems. One doesn't prove the other. We cant anticipate the unanticipated of course, but the world doesn't work like, at least my world doesn't work that. At the moment I have woken up each day and the Earth has always been right there for the last 50 odd years. I think I should have expected that one day I would find something different, but no, it's been incredibly consistent. One day we will get hit by an asteroid. I have no idea when, but the event is predictable in the light of what we know.
  4. That's why I added that life is in the detail. You can add what you like once you realise you are the string. This isn't a discussion on religion and the word religion denotes a certain context of beliefs. That is very close to the inferred sphere, but ( being very careful how I say this ) it also has flawed ideals, not wrong, but flawed. Eventually religion and science will be seen as they are, two sides of the same thing. Both a working towards an idea, religion has gone off on an agenda and science has largely stuck to a plan. Religion will soon realise that it owes its existence to science and science will realise it cannot conceptualise without religions more pure form ( stripped of its mantle it's a very light thing, but weighed down with expectation, morality and ritual it has become leaden ). Einstein knew this when he said " science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind " ( I think he got that the wrong way around but that's only how I see it ) . There's a great article here that shows more detail behind those words. It's very short. http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2008/may/12/peopleinscience.religion
  5. Far more than that. I know this another way, but a good start is Bells Theorem. No rational thinking is actually wrong, it's just flawed precept based on limited information. A good analogy is that if you had no concept of a spherical object and believed the world to be two dimensional then you would draw the wrong inference. However, it wouldn't be entirely wrong, because in two dimensional theory it would be a workable theorem. If you believed the two dimensional concept and were stood on the Earth. Then maybe to test out a theory you would decide to walk in a straight line for as far as you could. After some time you would encounter the same place you had previously set off from. You could continue to run that experiment until you might begin to think there were simply an infinite number of parallel points. You then would return to your original point by retracing your steps. Then you might set off at 90 degrees to your original path and discover more points of similarity. You can either believe that there are infinite identical points on a flat surface or you make a leap and infer a sphere. That is something that you haven't seen before and cannot draw or model, that leap is necessary to make the connection between conscious life and the rest of the universe as it is currently evaluated. It's not an easy leap to make because, just like the sphere, it cannot be known directly, only inferred. It's rather like trying to unravel a knot only to discover you are actually the string. There is enough objective evidence to support it just by looking at the original quantum slit experiment and the observer effect. There is enough evidence to show that despite weather showing patterning, it also appears random. That snowflakes are all snowflakes but all uniquely different. That light is both wave and particle at the same time. It's enough to point the way to the existence of something which cannot be drawn or modelled but can only be inferred. The Higgs particle is exactly that type of inference, we can only view it through the mass it creates because once the mass is created the particle apparently vanishes. God really is in the detail. Life is in the detail.
  6. Weather is a super dynamic system. It's neither deterministic or chaotic. In other words an input will never produce an exact output, but there are recognisable patterns of behaviour within the network. Yes, I did say behaviour. It's living, or rather it's a product of a living system. Even on lifeless worlds this is true. Everything affects everything else. It's balance. Sometimes the balance gets upset and there is a swing as everything settles out. Some swings are unimaginably large and some too subtle to measure. It has exactly the same behaviour as seen in people. Poke a person with a stick and some will shout and some will strike back. So there is some predictability in that a great enough input will eventually lead to a reaction. We see it in the economy at the moment. Large networks produce regular patterns but although the patterns can often be interpreted they are never certain. At any moment the planet could begin the return to an ice age. Chaos theory always results in total unpredictability. With Chaos theory the constant lack of predictable patterning would have meant the Universe could not have formed or life to have existed. Deterministic theory would not have allowed enough latitude for the Universe to form, it would have remained in a quiescent state. Chaos theorists would believe that everything is random and so life is just one of those random events. Entropy reminds us that this isn't quite true. Broken cups don't remake themselves when broken. There is a direct connection between Super Dynamic systems and conscious life.
  7. There's an unlikely pairing LOL Flash would have been appropriate.
  8. It's a fascinating area of research. We cannot reach absolute zero and as we approach it, even the smallest change is likely to exhibit some interesting effects.
  9. Occurred to me that I should put the Author that got me started with Science Fiction, in fact the Author that got everybody stated on Science Fiction and the first proper book I ever read at the ripe old age of 7. Jules Verne - A journey to the Centre of the Earth.
  10. No, I can't. I must have red several thousand sci -fi books and they all had merit. Rendezvous with Rama was probably the first, so will go with that. Film. Well several many: The Matrix, Blade Runner, Day the Earth Stood Still, Terminator 1, Alien, Aliens, District 9, Monsters from the ID. Tv series would be Babylon 5, Star Trek and the new version of Battlestar Gallactica.
  11. It's definitely possible. Her description is very similar to using the practice of deep meditation. In her case the difference between (what she believes to be ) the two hemispheres was stark, distinct and I would only imagine disturbing. Deep Meditation, using a mantra results in the rising of inner stillness and what is referred to as "the witness". In exactly the same way there is a 'joining' with everything, while simultaneously living with everyday life. It is a more integrated way of being, having the benefits of decreased stress and improved health as a minimum, plus, far more as the practices continue. I now suspect that deep meditation actually creates greater communication with both sides of the brain, it's very interesting because deep meditation is part of the practices of Yoga ( probably the most powerful part ) and Yoga means 'Union' . Union has been used to describe unity with the divine. Her description of the side that connected with the universe and divinity would certainly point in that direction. So union might indeed be at a far more local level of the brain which should make neuroscientists happier :-) ( no la la land or woo woo ). It's quite a thought that over the years we have spent time developing the two parts of the brain almost independently. In most people the Maths, language, self talk sides have predominated in modern times, where the other side has been largely neglected, except for those who are strongly creative. It not unlike having two eyes and having one eye permanently closed. When both eyes are open we get stereo vision and perspective, we can see the extra dimension of depth. If this is what meditation is doing, creating greater co operation between both sides, then, the result of that can be thought of as the ability to understand alternate dimensions.....exactly what the Indian Gurus always said, they talked of Astral planes, maybe that isn't quite as fanciful as it seems. Multi dimensional universes are all the rage with physicists. Maybe we can perceive the entire universe? What I can say is that 3 years of meditation have revealed a degree of this integration. Not as stark as the woman in the video, but certainly just as much of a revelation and very similar in many ways.
  12. Have a look at this lecture. Your question is one that can be answered and this lecture might give some realisations, even revelations about where the source of suffering is. TED lectures are brilliant, I can and have watched them for a full day. They are all notable people in the field of science. Enjoy. http://www.ted.com/talks/jill_bolte_taylor_s_powerful_stroke_of_insight.html
  13. Eh? How can't it be as precise as the Telrad? The only difference is that it has more circles in the finder, as far as centre ring an object they are identical. The only difference is that there is a marginal possibility of parallax error on the Rigel, but only in the early learning process, once you adapt to it you never look back. Rigel all the way for me. I feel like a star wars gunner swinging the Dob to bear on a target. It's so damned quick. The only thing that would make it better is a selectable inbuilt timer that allows it to switch off automatically. It's easy to forget in the excitement.
  14. Did anyone bid on it ? I don't know the maker, but it looked to be a high quality truss Dobsonian complete with a laser Collimator. Went for just over £400 which seems a bargain to me. Anyone know the scope? Can't find reviews, but the company the sells them brand new in the UK is associated with Oldham mirrors so that must be a good sign. Just curious and thinking perhaps it would have been worth a bid even if I didn't keep it. Too late now, but for the future.
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