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  1. Oh I forgot to say thanks and sorry for the double post.
  2. Wow super fast replies! So I've got money to spend is it worth it to go for the skyprodigy rather than the nexstar or skywatcher?
  3. Hello I'm new to the forums and need some help on deciding which telescope to buy. I would like a computerised goto telescope an found 3 which I like. The first one is the skywatcher 130p but can't seem to find any uk based sellers. Then there's the celestron nexstar 130 or the skyprodigy 130. I really like the skyprodigy and want to know of there's much of a difference between the both of them. This may sound stupid but I wanted to know if the skyprodigy would be able to align itself in a clear sky with no visible stars? Would it wok like that or would there have to be stars? Also is there any dobsonian goto telescope and are they better than Newtonian scopes? Thanks.
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