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  1. Hi - The LDX75 mount is EQ controlled by Autostar ...
  2. I have been at this AP for a few weeks now And wish to PEC train my mount now as the lost subs is starting to annoying me a bit as I lose about half of my 2 minute subs. Before I go to guiding I'll try some PEC to see if I can improve on that. What I have is a Nikon DSLR and I am hoping that I can use that to train the LDX75 mount. Is this possible ? What software do I need ? I tried PHD using but I don't seem to be able to connect to the camera ...
  3. Stars had halos on latter pics but no dew on the lens so I assume high cloud to blame but still, got a few subs in:
  4. Thanks for looking .... The second one has the flattener! It has more ca as well so not impressed - scope is 80mm f6 so I assumed it would be fine but it ain't. Is it faulty or simply not compatible ? Anything else to consider here before I send it back ?
  5. I just put the skywatcher flattener on my Meade 5000 F6 APO 80mm and I took some 10s exp images with/without the flattener - can you tell which one has the flattener on ? Should I even expect it to work on my scope! Flattener: http://www.firstlightoptics.com/reducersflatteners/skywatcher-field-flattener.html First image: Second Image:
  6. I used Lightroom to get the black/colour balance after stacking. No not used gimp yet ... what processing do you mean ?
  7. That's 52 subs across different exposures and iso - seems to work well enough.
  8. Orion's sword this evening .... took a load of subs ranging from from 1s to 120s to get like a HDR effect. Stacked in DSS using the entropy algorithm ...
  9. Thanks. Well, as to targets, I'll point my scope at anything I can get to from 58 degrees north And after reading stuff in that link I am looking at a UHC filter and O3 filter, and possibly a H beta one at some point if I ever get a ccd. I have had my 12" lx90 for 8 years and only used it for visual use so those filters will help out a bit there I think. As to imaging, I'll have a play and see what they do for that ... Another question - how do I attach these filters, assuming 1 filter can be used for both my scopes ? I use 2" eyepieces in the LX90 and a t-ring with nose for attaching the ca
  10. I have just started out on imaging and fancy trying some filters to see what they can do for my setup. I am using an unmodified Nikon d5300 with an unguided 80mm f6 app (Guiding will be sorted in due course when I find some good used kit). What filters would be useful for me? I am considering UHC, ha 40/12/7 mm (what's the impact of different nm?) And maybe O3, S2 as well ...
  11. Not guiding yet and I can get 90% of subs at 60s, 70% at 120s and about 40% at 180s ... probably losses due to PE so next step is to get guiding sorted. Sp, with that caveat: Had a go at the horsehead this evening - at least its recognisable ISO was too high (half of subs at 6400 to see what it does) so a bit noisy .... And then saw the Rosette nebula on the chart in a decent position so had a go at that too ... not impressed but its sort of there:
  12. Duh! I actually mixed up 2 sets of subs - some for M33 & some for M101 !!! So, here's the M33 image as it stands now after some flats applied - one more decent session and maybe some pruning of imperfect subs and I'll get to where i want on this I think. Then I can fettle the PP
  13. Having difficulty getting M33 clear, comments welome : subs = 120s iso1600 x 20, 60s iso 1600 X 20 + same DARKS Got M51 as well ...
  14. Ha ha ... this processing is getting to be an OCD candidate !!!! Trying different options in DSS ... and PP
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