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  1. Hi all - I was wondering if I could pick your brains please? Where would people consider as the best Stargazing places on the planet please? Either because of amazing skies / objects that can be seen from there etc - or also having Astronomical significance - i.e the Northern Lights & Meteor Crater etc? Or any places that have a rich history / culture based in Astronomy that old stories and legends could be delved into & explored etc. If anyone has any thoughts I'd be really grateful - feel free to private message me if you prefer of course. Many thanks indeed - Keaton.
  2. Hi all - I thought it may be of interest to some of you that as part of the 55th anniversary celebrations for The Sky At Night, Patrick would like to challenge you to find 55 objects in the night sky as part of 'The Moore Marathon'!! The forms to submit how you get on are at the bottom of the Sky At Night homepage here: BBC One - The Sky at Night We are making 2 episodes to commemorate this incredible milestone - the first day of filming was today - and I can tell you now that you are in for a serious treat as we travel to the edge of the observable Universe explaining what the highlights of the ultimate sightseeing tour are in the first part of this spectacular double!! Good luck & clear skies! Keaton https://twitter.com/#!/Keaton_S
  3. The extended hour long episode of Sky at night is on TONIGHT on BBC 4 at 7:30pm if you are able to catch it. Cheers, K
  4. Ha! We are cursed yes!! The star camp was a washout it seems - However, we were luckier in Liverpool as that night it had been pouring down torrential whilst we were driving over from the chap with the 30" scopes house to the sidewalk event but lo and behold just before we got there - completely clear skies! I think the previous bad weather may have put lots of people off - it was still quite busy though. Glad you enjoyed the show - extended version on BBC4 on Thursday don't forget! ) https://twitter.com/#!/Keaton_S
  5. @jflowers - I think it goes on iPlayer after the extended veriosn airs on BBC4 on thursday - or you could just catch it then! Think the BBC1 repeat may be on BBC2 tomorrow also! K
  6. These messages are lovely from you all - I will indeed pass them on to him when filming the next Sky at Night episode this coming weekend. He will be humbled to hear you have all thought of hi and wishing him well - things like that really mean a lot to him. Thank you very much indeed for them. Keaton https://twitter.com/#!/Keaton_S
  7. It really was ruddy MASSIVE!!!! I posted a photo I took of Pete Lawrence standing next to it on my Twitter here: https://twitter.com/#!/Keaton_S/status/162872235307171840
  8. @spaceboy Haha - I'll be honest - he'd had a few!! ;op It was after the final show though so there was a good reason! He had to be up at ridiculous o'clock as well to get back to Jodrell Bank for a schools webcast - rock & roll huh!! It was Brian who actually kept asking me where the telescope was to sign also - he really wanted to do it before we all departed! @imarcs - no probs at all - was just quickly explaining the deal with it tho - and that I explained the sale on another thread. Cheers for the well wishes with it though bud
  9. @Spaceboy @imarcs - I can promise you it has not been used more than 3 times - and one of those it was just set up and brought back inside within a few minutes as the clouds came in. There is another thread on here a couple of pages back where I explain why I am selling it and it was nice to see the majority of the people who commented on it actually though the sale was very reasonable. I'm not selling it because of Brians signature - when he signed it I had every intention of keeping it, using it more & of it appearing on next years show again - however I just don't get chance to use it unfortunately and I also could do with the money really. I've not listed it any higher because of the signature - it's just a nice bonus to someone if they want it - if you don't then obviously don't bid. As most people who commented on the previous thread said - a starting bid of £650 for what I am listing is pretty / very reasonable I would say. Keaton
  10. Just seen this! Thanks for the majority consensus that the ad is fine and reasonable! I did wonder what the astro-community might make of it once spotted - but to be fair I don't get chance to use it and I'm hardly not going to mention that Brian signed it and it was used on set (yes the same one that chap from Mac AstroSoc was leaning against - grrrr! ;op) am I now! I know mentioning the Sky at Night connection may be seen as name-dropping - but as you will see if you look I've never actually sold anything before on Ebay and my friend who sells a lot told me that with only 11 feedback ratings and never having sold anything then people may not want to buy from me - so I thought it may reassure people that I'm actually quite trustworthy! (Honest!). I think saying I'm jumping on the bandwagon is a tad harsh though maybe! - I have worked on and helped set up both series from scratch afterall - I allowed my scope to be used as a prop on each of them and so if I want to sell it as I don't get the time to use it then surely I can (and mention what it has been used on!). At least to compromise then I didn't put the pic of Jonathan Ross with it up - I think I'd have been lynched! ;o) Very interesting reading all the comments though and many thanks for them. Keaton
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