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  1. No lift here, just have to run the gauntlet and try to avoid the dodgy as heck neighbours on the way down. If only there was some kind of inflatable affair - would be so much easier!
  2. Been listening to a lot of Kate Bush, old & new, recently - think I'd go for Hounds of Love, esp the second side suite "The Ninth Wave".
  3. Got a Celestron Nexstar SLT 130 a couple of years ago, which was a great intro to observing. Sure, GOTO made me initially lazy, but I soon learned the importance of star hopping (and asking the OH whose knowledge is much better than mine). I'm dabbling with imaging using a recently-acquired DSI PRO II. Again, good for learning the ropes - but its really highlighting the weaknesses of my current mount and tripod. I think I'll invest in a new mount this year - and am learning a lot from this forum on pros and cons. I'm currently looking into the EQ5 PRO, which is certainly overkill for my current Celestron tube, but would be a good base for a better one in 2012/13.
  4. Thanks Ben and all for this thread. I've been looking into both mounts as an initial investment that will allow me to do imaging and upgrade my scope at some point in the next couple of years. I'm in a 4th floor flat, and the NEQ6 type mounts are out of the question due to weight. I found Ben's post reassuring... Joe
  5. What a warm welcome! Thanks very much, all. Joe
  6. Hi Steve Thanks for the info and link which put me on the right track in terms of knowing what to search for. I'm exploring a couple of possibilities in terms of improving the focuser - both within budget, which always helps. Cheers for the pointers, Joe
  7. Hi all! I think it all started when I used to watch the astro-physics Open University programmes on BBC2 on a Saturday morning as a child. Since then I've had a growing interest in astronomy, been a devotee of The Sky at Night leading up to my first scope purchase a couple of years ago (Celestron Nexstar SLT 130). First sight of Saturn and Jupiter were amazing. I stay near Stirling, and the skies up here are the best I've ever seen! Have seen the Milky Way and Aurora Borealis for the first time. Recently got a Meade DSI Pro II to make a start on imaging - just at the stage of working out the filters, software etc. Have had a play with Bader solar film, and want to do more solar viewing this year. I checked out a number of forums before deciding to sign up to SL. You all seem like a friendly, helpful and attitude-free bunch of people. I'm looking forward to reading your posts, asking my questions, and seeing some more of your amazing images. Clear Skies etc. Joe
  8. Hi all I'm using a Meade DSI Pro II with Celestron Nexstar 130, and making first tentative steps into imaging. Current setup is working fine, apart from adjusting the focus on the scope with the ccd attached. Mechanically it all works, but I'm frustrated with turning the focus knob on the scope, waiting for image to settle, checking focussing quality on the laptop screen, and repeating. The focus knob is good and tight - but making fine adjustments is challenging! Is there any bit of kit I can get / make to remotely control focus on this scope? Maybe some kind of motor that connects to the focus knob with a wee hand control? Have stfw and checked some online stores with no joy. Thanks in advance for any pointers. Joe
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