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  1. Please help! i am trying to update the handset control on my nexstar 8se. i have the correct cables which I bought from a telescope cable specialist. When trying to update the firmware I just get a message saying up able to communicate. I have put the scope into transfer mode by pressing undo and info but still nothing. i have read a forum on a program called access port, which I have used. The results indicate it is a com port problem. can anyone please help? i am using windows 7 32 bit. thanks paul
  2. That's very helpful of you. I'll start investigating. Cheers Paul
  3. Ok, I will give fire capture a go. Thanks
  4. Well, a quick look tells me £70 for manual, and about £150 for electric. If this is true, and electrics is far superior then I would go for the electric one. Unless my price quotes are incorrect, or electric Is not as good as I expect it to be.
  5. Hi All, I have a celestron nexstar 8se. When i view a planet it drifts off of the screen. (yes i know we are moving) The scope is a goto scope and is able to track, but things drift off. Will this be fixed by using a Wedge, eg celestron wedge 5/8 model 93658. Basic question i know. Cheers Paul
  6. Hi all, I have a set of Meade CCD filters, and am looking to get a filter wheel, to make life a bit easier imaging jupiter. Can anyone recomens the best option? Cheers Paul
  7. Hi all, i use IC capture 2.2 with my imaging sourse DMK21au04. Would this be the best option, or are there other better programs i could use? Cheers Paul
  8. Help please. ok i am new to this imaging game. i use a celestron nexstar 8se, and imaging source dmk21au04. i have a few problems and will list them all. it is very hard to frame the planet in the frame the camera can see., i use a 25mm e-lux possl. and get the planet in the middle, when i change the eyepiece for ccd camera, it is not in frame and takes ages of guessing where it is to get it in the frame. problem 2, when i change the RGB filters the scope has a tendancy to move, thus jupiter is not in view again. i attach my image of jupiter from 6th feb 13. but would like some tips please on
  9. thanks mate, just tried it, but does not seem to work with my windows vista- typical! thanks anyway
  10. hi all, i have a celestron nexstar 8se, and celestron wedge, i have had my scope for a few months now and am about to start entering the world of astrophotography. have spent the day reading all the info i can on polar alignment with the wedge i have a few questions. my main on is, i mainly use my scope in my back garden, which faces south, and cannot see Polaris, how can i therefore polar align the scope?- secondly, once i have actually managed to align, do i need to do this every time i use it, even if i put it back in the same spot? thanks in advance all Paul
  11. hi i had the same dilemma, and went for the celestron nexstar 130slt £279. its a great scope, only thing is, it makes you want more so i have recently upgraded. with this scope you will see mars, Jupiter, and saturn for sure. read the jodrell bank review of this scope and i am sure you will own one soon!!! http://www.jb.man.ac.uk/public/im/cel130SLT.html regards Paul
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