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  1. Next on the list (and then I really am going to stop) is a really high quality wide field low mag EP - something with which I can get lovely sweeping views of star fields and bigger open clusters. Probably 28mm upwards, or thereabouts. Any recommendations?
  2. Yep - that's what I do too - around the top of the OTA immediately behind the raised plastic end. Then the dew shield fits snugly around the plastic bit. I've also had to get a couple of tapes for my EPs now that the weather's turned cold and damp - had a few nights with a lovely clear corrector plate and dewed up EPs!
  3. I'll let you know Shane - Friday night expected to be clear here. By the way, I was camped a few tents away from you at PSP - still can't figure out how you got that Dob and your massive tent in your car...
  4. Someone generously gave me some Green Witch vouchers recently so I bought a Televue 17mm Delos from their stand at PSP 2012 last weekend and was completely blown away by the views of M42 and Jupiter. 13mm Ethos ordered on Monday and arrived today...oh dear.
  5. Had a great time at my first star camp at PSP2012 this weekend, in spite of the weather! Thanks very much James, and the rest of the PSP crew, for organising everything - it must have taken a hell of a lot of effort. The talk by Prof. Morrison was particularly enjoyable (the sheep seemed to enjoy it, too). Great to meet Phil, Kenny and Steve, too. Hope everyone who's lucky enough to be staying tonight gets some decent weather.
  6. My first Star Party too. Is it just Jaffa Cakes that are acceptable, or are other types of biscuit available? I'm quite partial to a Mint Viscount myself, or the mighty Tunnocks Caramel Wafer. Perhaps I'd better bring all three, just to be safe...
  7. Or Edwin (I think "Hubble" is already taken).
  8. ...any top tips for how to dim a red head torch? Nail varnish? (my wife's, of course...mine's way too good to waste!)
  9. Cheers Stu! Looking forward to it!
  10. I've been teetering on the brink of Televue ownership for a few months too, and have also been wondering whether the extra performance is really worth the price tag, especially in a slow scope. I'll be at PSP as well, so I'd also be really grateful for a peek through the odd TV if anyone's offering! I've been thinking about a 17 mm of some sort (I think there's a Delos, Nagler and Ethos at this fl).
  11. You're right Rob - cracking eyepiece. Tried it last night and the wide field is just fantastic. Really sharp and contrasty views - the double-double in Lyra was really easy to split. Tempted by the 30mm now...
  12. Yep! I bought the 14mm this morning - should arrive tomorrow in time for the forecast clear skies tomorrow night!
  13. The 5000 Series 82 degree FOV eyepieces are starting at £116 at Telescope House - looks like a fairly good price.
  14. Like you, Paul, I've just gone for the single channel controller and Astrozap tape from FLO. I'll try it bang in the middle of the tube with the wick turned right down - hopefully that'll do it. Thanks for the advice, Mike. ...I still want an Astrozap squeegee, though...
  15. Hi Paul I've also been worrying about dew recently due to my forthcoming first star camp in October, and already have an Astrozap dew shield to which I was thinking of adding an Astrozap heated tape and single channel controller. I thought that the single channel controller gave the ability to regulate the current to the strap, and hence the amount of heating? I'm also wondering where to position the strap in relation to the scope and the fitted Astrozap dew shield, so am very interested to see what you find out here in response to your questions. I can't believe I'm spending so much time worrying about dew, of all things...!
  16. Hi Graham and welcome to SGL!
  17. I also spent a bit too long outside last night, and will probably do the same tonight! Had a lovely view of M13 and M92 with the BST 15mm Barlowed to 10mm, and also M57 with the same combination. Tonight's plan is to have a go at a few doubles, especially the "double double" in Lyra. Starbucks will be getting a lot of my money tomorrow I think...
  18. Looks like tomorrow and Monday night are possibilities for me. The 7 timer! Astro forecast seems to have become less reliable lately though, so I'm not counting my chickens...
  19. Hello and welcome to SGL! Looks like your bins might see some clear skies this weekend!
  20. Thanks for the advice - reassuring to hear that there's sill plenty of room with the 0.8" - I think that's the one for me!
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