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  1. The first DSO I saw a couple of months ago was M3 and it knocked my socks off! Glad you had a good night and enjoyed the scope - thanks for sharing the experience.
  2. I could resolve a fair few of the outer stars last light through my 8" SCT with a 24mm eyepiece (just over 80x mag), but that was indeed at about 11:30 - too light before then.
  3. Hello Sim! Welcome to SGL!
  4. I've tried a few of the online forecasts and for me the best one so far has been the 7timer Astro forecast. It seems to be updated fairly regularly.
  5. What eyepiece were you using for M13, llorodu?
  6. Hello Rich and welcome to SGL!
  7. Wow - that's a big scope you're working on there, Mike. Looking forward to hearing about the results when you're up and running. Welcome to SGL!
  8. Hello Will and welcome to SGL. Good luck saving for the Newt - it will definitely be worth the wait!
  9. Definitely not a University lecture, and I agree there was some good stuff in there, I just would have preferred the balance tipped a bit more in favour of substance/content over style. But I agree with one of the earlier posts that a programme like this has a difficult job to do going out at prime time and appealing to as many as possible. Still prefer the older style of Horizon's etc, but then again I am getting on a bit...!
  10. After a two or three week spell of clouds, last night was pretty much clear here. Managed to get out and see Saturn and it's moons Dione, Titan and Rhea; Mars; M5; M3 and M13 (always a great one to finish on!). Anyone else have any luck? What did you see?
  11. Wow! That's impressive! Perhaps even more impressive is that this guy has also had the time and intellect to write the world's strongest chess engine in his spare time (see the bottom of his web page)! I feel very, very inadequate...
  12. Hi and welcome to SGL. Do let us all know how the OU Astronomy course goes. Andy
  13. I agree with you on that @mindburner - there's a big difference between the old style of hour-long Horizon's and the more recent ones, and IMHO the older ones did a much better job of getting the science over, but still in an engaging way - the science was the star of the show, not the presenter/ scenery.
  14. Hi Bernard, welcome to SGL! The new scope sounds great - I really like the look of those Skywatcher dobs and they seem to have a good reputation. 10" of aperture is an impressive way to rekindle your interest in astronomy!!
  15. Hi Ralph and welcome to the forum. Good luck with the new setup - takes a while to get used to what goes where and what to twiddle with in what order, but I'm sure you'll get some good results and nice views once the clouds roll back!
  16. Andymarrison

    hello all

    Hello Phil and welcome to SGL. That's a nice scope you have there - enjoy!
  17. Hello Gavan and welcome to SGL!
  18. Andymarrison


    Welcome to the forum Thomas!
  19. Does anyone have any experience of the Celestron Luminos eyepieces? I'm thinking about getting a 10mm. Also, what would you say are the eyepieces of a comparable or better quality and price at this focal length from other manufacturers?
  20. With that combination you should get some great visual results when the clouds roll back - congratulations on the new purchase!
  21. Hi Andy - welcome to SGL, and good luck with all the nappies. Enjoy the scope! (another) Andy
  22. What's the procedure for booking a pitch?
  23. I've been really impressed with the Baader Hyperions, but I've only used them in pretty slow SCTs and nothing as fast as your f5.
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