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  1. Hi I have downloaded the Lynkeos programme for processing images and video's taken on Orion Starshoot Colour Imager IV web cam. When start to make adjustments and try to stack the images taken in video mode the programme comes up with an error message quit unexpectedly. Can anyone throw any light on this problem. Or have they had the same with this programme. Thanks Carl
  2. Ok I had a look at the settings reading through the manual it says to adjust the brightness sharpness with all the other settings to get it in focus to takes a bit of practice by the looks of it . Will be back on tomorrow and have another go. Carl
  3. Hi I am just trying a first go with this web cam I have just got, I tried it out in day light and now I can see the moon but my screen shot has gone black now the light faded has anyone any ideas please ? Regards Carl
  4. ok moons out camera gone black cant see anything now
  5. Hello all, I am sat in back garden with scope set up and the camera working waiting for the moment something to appear sky in Lancashire is clear but hazy hoping I can try it out for first time don't know what to expect but reviews of this camera have been few anyone out there have one of these ? Regards Carl
  6. Had a beautiful view of ISS before went right over the top of my house lol
  7. Yep very bright and I have picked up on the phase too can see it clearly.
  8. mmm guess what, the skies have clouded over now I am back from pub would'nt you know it like I said patience lol Could'nt say when saturn can be seen earlier I'm a newbie like you Dave. Sorry.
  9. I am staying for three days near Matlock no light pollution just in the middle of nowhere, with a pub just down the road. A fabulous clear sky don't think you could ask for more. Carl
  10. Think patience is the name of the game .
  11. stargazer1960


    Hi welcome to the forum and good luck Carl
  12. Hi had my first sight of saturn at 4.00am this morning what a fab sight, bit of a wow moment been after seeing it since I had the scope since christmas. So that is Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Saturn on my list now. Viewed using a 12.5mm and 20mm and 6mm for saturn but found that the 12.5mm was the best for saturn. Now to get some images of them. Carl
  13. Ok John thanks for that will get used to it I guess. Think I will go ahead and get the Orion StarShoot Solar System Color Imaging Camera IV though because I want to get some images together. Carl:)
  14. It is a TA1100-102 reflecting scope, when I first started viewing I am sure I saw the moon the right way round, I have been seeing what everyone says that scopes do show the view the wrong way. Maybe I should look into getting an erecting prism then. Thanks Regards Carl
  15. Think I would agree it was a chinese lantern I am one who enjoys seeing them rise up in to the deep sky to.
  16. Hi all, I have a jessops telescope given to me for a christmas present and been having some great views of the night sky with it moon jupiter and venus, and even mars. The moon being the best view as I have only the eyepieces that come with the scope. I have spotted four moons of jupiter albeit very faint but still very chuffed. I now have a problem that my image has for some reason started to appear upside down. Could I resolve this by collimation. Also I am thinking of getting the Orion StarShoot Solar System Color Imaging Camera IV any views on this camera. Regards Carl.
  17. Hi I just caught site of your location my family come from down where you are have fond memories of the Itchen down at the bottom of my Grandparents garden. Nice photos I am currently in the process of getting the Orion StarShoot Solar System Color Imaging Camera IV so I can start taking some photos. Just been looking at Moon, mars and venus and jupiter tonight. Regards Carl.
  18. :happy6:Thanks to all for the warm welcome on SGL:)
  19. Hi I have just done a post asking about an Orion StarShoot Solar System Colour Imager IV would this be suitable for what you want only a novice and just started into astronomy as a hobby. Carl
  20. Hi most prob first of many questions, I have a macbook pro and want to do some astrophotography so was looking at buying the Orion StarShoot Solar System Colour Imager IV to make a start with, as this is compatible with the mac. So has anyone got one of these and what are your views on it for taking images. Carl Jessops TA1100-102 Reflecting scope Nikon D60 DSLR
  21. stargazer1960

    new member

    Hi welcome to SLG i have just registered here to. Carl.
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