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  1. Fantastic shot nice and crisp detail. Carl
  2. Hi I Managed with a bit of a struggle to get a few shots of the moon not quite got the focus right and lots of cloud about after a thunderstorm. f6 / 70 - 300 mm lens ISO 100 Carl
  3. Well just had a beer and off to bed I think because there is no promise of a clear sky so cheers to you all and I will enjoy that extra second lay in.
  4. Not looking good in lancashire the moon had a little show before but then grey cloud cast over booo hooo
  5. Thanks for that and apologies for the mistake should have known better I am usually the one to pick out mistakes like that lol
  6. Hi Qualia thanks for your reply I do wear glasses so yes what you say about eye relief would be true, usually find I take my glasses off to view through the scope. Yes Peter it is the one and thanks for pointing the fact about it being a 2 inch think my scope has the 1.25 inch size eye pieces so think thats that idea out the window or can you get adapters for this. My scope is a Jessops one I got bought for christmas. Was a christmas what do you want for christmas moment lol.
  7. Have seen a 2x barlow lens these are the details 99.9% light transmistion for best possible iamging. 2x magnification that will increase the magnification of your telescope by a factor of 2x. Multicoated optics Chromatic corrected Fully Metal Body (110g in weight) 2 inch in diameter 11.5cm long Free dust caps Very well built throught. Size: 59mm in diameter at upper part. Fitting diameter 50.8mm (2 Inches).119mm long. Weight: 318g Any thoughts would be appreciated price is 39.00 and money back guarantee if not satisfied.
  8. So guess I won't bother saying that is summer better than winter for view the great sky come to the conclusion that winter is the best so here goes to stocking up up on the winter thermals then lol
  9. I would say a big immigration problem have to agree with you there
  10. Hello , a question to ask . We just had a couple of thunder storms about an hour ago, I was think will this make any difference to the images you see, does it make any difference to the atmospheric conditions. ? IE reduce the distortion you get when using a web cam.
  11. Stunning pictures would love to be able to take photos from above the earths atmosphere.
  12. Clear sky too, I have now got a sky like your first picture lol.
  13. Saturn is the best an excellent image well done Carl
  14. Thanks I will have another go when the sky is clear again
  15. HI all thought I would have a go with my new lens sigma 70-300mm. Picture of moon taken just using Nikon D60 hand held. Taken at 10.30pm last night . Managed to grab a view of saturn later using the scope. I hope I have uploaded this right bright side of moon is very blown out hence it being black and white. Hoping I can improve . Carl
  16. Hi nice one I saw it go over the other night after a quick look out the window to see how clear it was before I went to bed. Carl
  17. Hi , just thought I would say I think the new look forum is a good improvement thanks to all who was involved. One quick question is there a limit on how many posts on the forum before you can upload into an album to be viewed ? Carl
  18. Did'nt see it in Lancashire complete cloud cover boo hooo
  19. OK cheers for that have you any other programme you use ?
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