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  1. You certainly wouldn't want to see it at ground level belting up the M6 at 7-8 kilometres per second. It would probably have a white Transit van right on its butt

    Would be a good way to clear the traffic out of your way :grin::eek:

    I think the EQ6 is capable of tracking the ISS in real time, there is software around that does some of the work for you.

  2. HI just posted some photos of Venus and Mars on the last post.

    This Photo of Venus is on the same night it has turned out blue in this shot, but I can't bring out any other stars in the picture any ideas.


    Any suggestions why there are no other stars showing up ? Or could this be Neptune, I have forgotten now which direction I was looking.

  3. Hi I have sat down and adjusted with Photoshop CS4 using curves and sharpening and RGB levels.

    All 3 photos Taken with Nikon D60 - 55- 200mm nikon lens focal length 55 mm F4 ISO 1600 10 sec exposure

    The Mars photo 180mm f 5.7 10 sec exposure

    Taken on 14/04/2012 22:38





    Any Thoughts on them welcome.

  4. Hi Qualia thanks for your reply I do wear glasses so yes what you say about eye relief would be true, usually find I take my glasses off to view through the scope.

    Yes Peter it is the one and thanks for pointing the fact about it being a 2 inch think my scope has the 1.25 inch size eye pieces so think thats that idea out the window or can you get adapters for this. My scope is a Jessops one I got bought for christmas. Was a christmas what do you want for christmas moment lol. :smiley:

  5. Have seen a 2x barlow lens these are the details

    • 99.9% light transmistion for best possible iamging.
    • 2x magnification that will increase the magnification of your telescope by a factor of 2x.
    • Multicoated optics
    • Chromatic corrected
    • Fully Metal Body (110g in weight)
    • 2 inch in diameter
    • 11.5cm long
    • Free dust caps

    Very well built throught.

    Size: 59mm in diameter at upper part. Fitting diameter 50.8mm (2 Inches).119mm long.

    Weight: 318g

    Any thoughts would be appreciated price is 39.00 and money back guarantee if not satisfied.

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