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  1. Looks like that link not working if you go to Nasa site it is there.
  2. Cloudy over Chorley to had a look at the Moon got a nice view clear craters showing. Not seen asteroid but seen it on nasa tv they showing live stream. http://<script type="text/javascript" src="http://cdn-akm.vmixcore.com/vmixcore/js?auto_play=0&cc_default_off=1&player_name=uvp&width=512&height=332&player_id=1aa0b90d7d31305a75d7fa03bc403f5a&t=V0WHsYFRkaLQ6OqthY6oonYEfitkm2LymP"></script>
  3. From the album: Photography

    I have used the high pass filter adjustment with this photo think it brings the detail in the feathers out and the light is good. Comments welcome.

    © cjtrowbridge

  4. I take it that it would be a good investment then even if I decide to buy another scope. Sorry picking your brains. Its mind blowing this hobby.
  5. Hi I have just been looking at this Baader Hyperion 8-24mm Clickstop Zoom & Baader Hyperion Zoom Barlow 2.25x on ebay and keeping a watch but don't know wether to go for it. Was wondering if it would help out with my Jessop's brand scope to view objects better sorry just saw you talking about hyperion aspheric ep. Here is the link. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Baader-Hyperion-8-24mm-Clickstop-Zoom-Baader-Hyperion-Zoom-Barlow-2-25x-/181065528321 Regards Carl
  6. Thanks for that ronin just watching one on ebay up to 250 at moment. The eye pieces with the jessops scope are basic ones and it is not a goto so keep having to move it which is annoying me having to wait for it to settle every time I adjust it when object moves out of site.
  7. Hi I am looking at upgrading from my current scope which is a Jessops brand scope bought for me last christmas. I was wondering what the general views are of a MEADE ETX-90EC UHTC F=1250mm MAKSUTOV-CASSEGRAIN TELESCOPE which I have my eye on. Would I be able to do astrophotography with it as well as view deep sky and planets. Your views welcome. Regards Carl.
  8. Hi welcome to forum from just down the road in Chorley.
  9. stargazer1960


    NIce to have you aboard. Have fun
  10. Hi welcome to SGL I was in Barcelona in May on Holiday for four days had a great time.
  11. Hello and welcome to SGL have fun
  12. Welcome to the forum I am just getting into astrophotography also do visual.
  13. Well done congrats on getting it on sky a night disk
  14. Off down to the sunny south tomorrow so hopefully lol clear skies
  15. Looks well smart can you build me one lol (joking) all you need now is some good skies. Happy Viewing look forward to seeing your images.
  16. Lets hope it gets clear here then but im not holding my breath
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