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  1. I was observing last night from my back garden and saw the ISS go over watch it go past Jupiter,

    then moved the scope to Jupiter and noticed as soon as I got it in sight, a black spot moved across

    Jupiter. Could this have been one of jupiter's moons ?

  2. What 20x80 bins do you use?

    I have a pair of 20x 80 Revelation bins and have been impressed with the views I have had of 

    the moon and also the orion nebulae.

    As for jupiter I have seen the four moons also very very faint indications of the bands, but still impressed with them.

    As for collimation not looked into that, so anyone who has the same ones have you had any issue's with collimation 

    and how did you do it , or did you send them away.

  3. Hi Lonestarr ...

    I to have one of these cameras and so far not had much success, but don't think that is the camera it is just me not having 

    much experience in this fabulous hobby. I bought mine after my partner got me a scope for christmas but it is just a standard

    scope with standard optics. It is ok to view the moon and jupiter, and I have seen saturn. As for the camera, I have when I first got it,

    managed a short video of saturn and the moon but had no luck with it, but again I think it is me not having enough experience.

    So I will follow this topic with interest. Clear skies have been coming our way just lately so fingers crossed.

  4. Hi, I have just come in myself from viewing in between the clouds Jupiter is showing well have seen the 

    four moons and caught a glimpse of the bands with my newly acquired eyepiece 32mm also a Barlow 2.5 X.

    Think I am due to upgrade my scope....

    Still excellent seeing though.

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