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  1. Thanks just a single frame taken adjusted with PS CC just done another in BW.
  2. Hi I am a bit late putting it up but I took this with a canon 1000D and my Omni 120 scope. Taken at Anglesey
  3. Love the image very nicely done I was looking at saturn myself the other night.......
  4. HI I have been having a look at saturn and not seeing the rings but only using a 25mm Eypiece what is the best eyepiece for seeing saturn. ?
  5. Hi Mark welcome to SGL I am in Lancashire to. I'm sure you will learn a lot here, as I am. Carl
  6. Still partly cloudy here I am waiting to try my new scope out every time I try to set things up in comes the cloud but clear all day.
  7. I have got a 1000d but not yet tried it out due to poor skies complete cloud cover for the last three weeks....
  8. Looking forward to the results.....I really need to get my act together and put my new scope to use.
  9. Nice Capture love the detail.
  10. Keep looking up while you have the chance them clouds have a reputation LOL
  11. Thinking about poking the scope through the door at this moment Mars is looking good....
  12. Hi Torbjørn, welcome to SGL. I'm sure you will enjoy your time on here.
  13. Well done on an excellent image.
  14. Hi welcome to SGL In lancashire myself just getting used to my new kit, I'm sure you will find a lot of experience on here as I have.
  15. Hi Emanuele, I have entered it on google site and it comes up with different sites on doing differential photometry here is one of the sites hope this helps you. Look forward to seeing the results, just starting in astrophotogrphy myself so don't know anything about what you are going to do. http://www.phys.vt.edu/~jhs/SIP/photometry.html http://www.iac.es/proyecto/tep/papers1999/photproc.ps http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photometry_(astronomy)
  16. Yes saw the moon bit of cloud really red looked impressive....few clouds about but generally clear.
  17. I have my suspicions about it being a moon, I thought I might ask incase anyone else had noticed. Just took me by surprise it was there just as soon as I looked through scope.
  18. Hi, I would say it took about a minute, to cross it was a solid black spot, the size of Jupiter disc was small as I was looking through 32mm eyepiece maybe a centimetre.
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