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  1. For the record. This all fits together well. Tested with 35mm, 16-85 and 70-300 Nikon lenses on my 450D
  2. And I have the Astronomik clip in for my canon. shame noone did one for the Nikon.
  3. I much prefer using my Nikon. I have all Nikon lenses. I tried using an adapter from Novoflex and seems to be ok. I was going to buy a cheap Nikon so I wouldn't need an adapter. But looks impossible.
  4. I may pop along at some stage. Never been to Derwent. Is there a particular spot you gather at? Cheers
  5. Hi folks. I plan to use my Canon 450D and a 50mm lens or a 300mm lens. However, if my plan doesn't work, I may use my NikonD7000 and a 300mm. Anyone recommend a light pollution filter for a Nikon camera and lens? Thanks
  6. Evening folks I have a Manfrotto 410 (3 way, geared head) underneath the Astrotrac and a Kirk BH-1 on top. It's easy to move the BH-1, BUT...it's maybe a little too easy...or too difficult (meaning everything else moves too). I was considering adding another 410 to the top to get geared movement. This can cause some issues as it can't tip back/forward one due to knobs being in the way. Any other suggestions or tips? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi folks Another afternoon, another question! My friend (really, a friend) has an Astronomik CLS CCD-Filter. His nephew touched it and left a fingerprint, then after cleaning, there is dust showing on it. What's the best and safest way to clean these? Thank you
  8. Ah, that's great news. Thanks for trying that Peter. I sent an email to Astronomik too. They didn't know but didn't forsee a problem. Nice to have it corroborated.
  9. Hi folks. Thanks for the replies. I played out last night with the 35mm (52.5mm on my crop) and 70-300mm (105-450mm). Focussing always seems to take too long. But realise how important it is. I bought a Bahtinov Mask but it doesn't really work on my lenses. Keith Morris gave some advice for me to try next time. Polar Alignment is another issue we ran into. Do we need to align Polaris and the other two? or just one? I took a 6 minute sub (lots of light pollution) with no horizontal trails. I had some vertical trails though. I figured this was due to poor Polar Alignment. Sorry for my lack of proper terms. I'm a moron ha. Got some decent shots, but learning about post processing now.
  10. It only wobbles because I have one grub screw out a little, the other two are flush with the arm. This makes it difficult to secure the scope against the arm. I don't have it here with me or I'd do a demonstration! (probably best it's at home).
  11. Morning folks Time for another question! Has anyone used an EOS camera with both Astronomik Light Pollution Filter and Novoflex EOS/NIK NT Nikon-G to EOS Body Adapter Any particular problems? Any lenses that won't fit? Which lenses will fit without mods? Thanks! Stew
  12. A clip would have been nice...or something. They're clearly very good engineers, and magnets just don't cut the mustard for me... Apart from that, I'm really impressed Had no trailing in the arc (just some vertical trailing from poor Polar Alignment, I guess). I'm a novice and a bit of a clutz!
  13. Had some moderate success last night with AstroTrac 320-AG, D7000, 35mm + 70-300mm. BUT...the AT Polar Scope is a blumming nightmare. It has grub screws on the mounting arm, for alignment purposes, I guess? But that, combined with weak magnetisation means it's difficult to keep the Polar Scope "flush" with the arm. Lots of wobble, a dropped Polar Scope etc ensued. How are people securing their Polar Scope to avoid accidents? I know some people remove the Polar Scope when Polar Alignment is complete, but it's even flimsy during the alignment phase. Any hints or tips would be wonderful. Cross posting on AstroTrac Yahoo Group too
  14. As someone just getting into AstroPhotography...I wish I'd gone for a Canon DSLR for my "main" camera would have saved me buying a second set of lenses for astro...or an adapter for lenses. The Canons are FAR better supported from a software/control point of view and only need one cable. Also, they are "easier" to get modified (not even sure you can modify a Nikon??). AND, they shoot RAW, unlike the Nikon which shoots NEF (an altered, not quite RAW...excluding Mode 3). Go Canon if you can for this. I'm still keeping my D7000 for my day to day photography though!
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