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  1. Very good, love the detail you have captured
  2. Yep spot on Jammy, can't believe they don't tell you that in the manuals
  3. I found using a bahtinov mask helped me focus, just pointed it at spica focussed and slew around to Saturn. The hardest part for me was getting the little ****** on the screen, with a 3x barlow it don't half move quick !!! God remember what it was like before I had drives, I'd lose the object before had time to pop in my cam............ Though still manage to press one button before the others and shoot it off the screen
  4. Well took on board all the advice and here's my best attempt !!!! I feel it's a lot better, using the RGB align and luminance seems to of helped a lot !!!! Let us know what you would do to improve though, liking it more now.............. Big thanks peeps, your so supermarket.com !!!! J xxx
  5. I'm playing as we speak, just dont get it !!! I thought I was good on PS (I'm a wedding photographer) but feel like a noob/*** compared to the others.............. Eh - em !!! BTW, your image looks fabtastic now
  6. Waybig, no I havent but will try. Been playing with this for hours and cant get it right, looked at what others "above" have done with my similiar image but cant get it anyway near So want it to look like I saw through the EP !!! Will try that though, thanks xx Wonder if Cloudwatcher could post a workthrough on how he tranformed the image above, pretty awsome in my eyes !!!! Thanks for any help. I/we need it !
  7. Hope you don't mind me jumping on board, I'm having a similar problem (see my below par attempt on my 150p and spc900), what I have trouble with is horrible ghost blue fringing, get this on mars too (but not Jupiter). Is this a problem with the cam or Barlow? Recently bought a 3x Meade ED one to help, but no joy! BTW, play away ;0)
  8. I have the 5mm BST on my 150P, lovely EP! Though about its limit ........
  9. Very nice, tried Saturn the other night and got nowhere near as good
  10. Let's start positive Had my very first viewing of Saturn last night, to say was I was blown away by it is an understatement, Though Jupiter is still my favourite viewed though my 150P and 5mm BST it was crisp and clear, even at a low altitude. I'd spent the earlier part of the night looking at mars and trying to find some elusive fuzzies...... Anyway back on topic, I've (if anyone has seen my other posts) been trying my hand at imaging, first image of Jupiter I was quite pleased with but my mars attempt was pants. So spent sometime last night with my spc900 trying to image mars again. My last attempt was marred by a horrible blue "corona" which I didn't see on Jupiter. So took some AVI's of mars ( still to process ) and after 30 mins of taken in Saturn thought I'd give it a go. Please have a look at the image taken, now after my first mars debacle I thought the blue tinge was coming from CA on my stock SW 2x Barlow, so bought a Meade ED 3x one. But I'm still getting a horrible corona ! Not sure what I'm doing wrong, this is the best I could get from Saturn so any advice will be met with hugs and kisses J xx
  11. Nope, happens up north as well......... Well apart from having the blue sky bit
  12. Lol, thought they were cute Ok over did it, but see what I had before! Forgive a noob for a little embellishment .......
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